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By the Numbers: Browns can't capitalize in another game where they win turnover battle

PITTSBURGH — We're breaking down the Browns' 33-18 loss to the Steelers by the numbers…

3 - Cleveland held the Steelers without a first down on their first three offensive possessions. Pittsburgh found the end zone on the fourth to take a 7-6 lead early in the second quarter.

105 - Advantage Cleveland had in yardage (121-16) after its fourth offensive possession, which ended with a missed Greg Joseph field goal.

184 - Disadvantage Cleveland had in yardage at the end of Sunday's 33-18 loss to the Steelers. Seventy-five of the Browns' yards came on their final possession, when they trailed by 21.

2 - Turnovers forced by the Browns' defense, giving the group 22 on the season.

3 - Points Cleveland scored on the respective drives following those turnovers.

21 - Most yards the Browns gained on a single play before the last drive of the game. Jarvis Landry and Damion Ratley each had 21-yard catches.

80.8 - Quarterback rating for rookie Baker Mayfield, who finished 22-of-36 for 180 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

212 - Combined yards of offense for Steelers running back James Conner, who had 146 on the ground and 66 through the air -- the majority of which came in the second half.

74 - Rushing yards for the Browns, who failed to hit the century mark for just the second time this season.

3 - Third downs converted by the Browns, who came up short on their other 10 attempts. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, was 6-of-13.

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