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Chris Kirksey reacts to the Madden Glitch


The day the Madden video game came out was like a holiday in Chris Kirksey's family.

He and his brothers would stay up late at night during the summer playing the game repeatedly. Kirksey always used the Falcons and Michael Vick as his squad.

"I was unstoppable scrambling with the quarterback," said Kirksey.

Kirksey isn't a video game diehard as he once was, but he was excited to see himself in this year's edition of Madden. What would his rating be? Would they make him the agile cover linebacker like he's blossoming into with the Browns?

Instead, Kirksey and his Madden caricature will make the video game Hall of Fame for blunders. EA Sports mistakenly listed Kirksey's height as 1-foot-2. Kirksey literally looks like an ant in the game.

"If you look at the widescreen view, I look like a pixel or a dot," said Kirksey with a laugh.

Pictures, vines and YouTube videos began flooding Kirksey's Twitter timeline, showing the linebacker and the video games' humongous error.

"I just immediately started laughing," said Kirksey. "My friends from back home joked with me. They told me that's the only way to get your face out there, being one-foot tall."

The glitch was such an oddity, that Kirksey's name did get out there. Dozens of media outlets requested him for interviews on Tuesday, before Kirksey appeared on SportsCenter and CNN to talk about the rare video game situation. He picked more than 1,000 followers on Twitter, too.

Through all the humor in this situation, the ever-so wise Kirksey is actually using the glitch as motivation for tiny football players.

"No matter how small you are: dream big and live big," said Kirksey. "There's a good message behind this glitch that I actually might stick with."

Representatives from Madden plan on stopping by Browns practice Thursday to talk explain to Kirksey what actually happened.

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