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Chronicling every major change to the Browns' uniforms since 1946

A look at Browns uniforms, from the franchise's inception to current-day.

It's hard to appreciate the present and future without a proper understanding of the past.

The future of the Cleveland Browns' uniforms will be unveiled Tuesday evening. Though the Browns uniforms have been among the NFL's most timeless and classic, there have been plenty of tweaks and adjustments since the team came together for the first time in 1946.

With a big assist from Browns' manager of alumni relations Tony Dick, here's a chronological breakdown of all the significant changes that came before next week's. Make sure to scroll through the slideshow at the top of the page for a visual of each bullet point.

1946 – In the team's inaugural season, the Browns wore plain white helmets and sported white and brown jerseys with classy, shadow-boxed numbers. These jerseys were worn for only one season.

1947 – The Browns introduce what is now viewed as the "classic" Browns uniform.

1950 – The Browns introduced solid orange helmets for the first time as part of their uniform.

1953 – Orange uniforms are introduced for the first time when they don them for their home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. They would appear again in exhibition games in 1954 and 1955 before being shelved for 47 years.

1957 – For three seasons, the Browns add brown jersey numbers to all of their helmets.

1960 – For one season only, the Browns add two brown stripes that flank the existing white center striped helmets along with the brown jersey numbers on the side.

1969 – A commemorative patch is added to the uniform to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the NFL. This is the first time that a patch of any kind is worn on the uniform.

1970 – Names are introduced to the back of all jerseys and remain a permanent fixture.

1975 – Orange pants are introduced for the first time and worn regularly. All facemasks on helmets are changed to white in color.

1984 – Jerseys are radically redesigned as solid orange pants are replaced by white pants that for the first time feature an orange center stripe outlined with brown stripes to go with solid orange or brown socks. Brown jerseys with orange numbers are worn for the preseason before being scrapped because the numbers proved to be too difficult for spotters to recognize during the game.

1985 – The team returns to the "classic" Browns look.

2002 – Orange jerseys make a return to the field for the Browns.

2003 – Orange center stripe returns to the pants for first time since 1984.

2008 – Solid brown pants are introduced for the first time.

2013 – The Browns sport a "brown out" version of their jersey for a Thursday Night Football game against the Buffalo Bills at FirstEnergy Stadium, wearing their brown jersey with solid brown pants and socks for the first time in team history.

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