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Cleveland Browns all-star baseball lineup


With tonight's MLB all-star game, we thought we'd float the idea around to field our own baseball team. How well do you think the Cleveland Browns could compete? Tweet us what your lineup would be.

Catcher: Alex Mack

Your catcher should be the most durable player on the baseball field. Mack fits the bill. He hasn't missed a snap in five seasons. He even played the week after having his appendix removed. Plus Mack is comfortable squatting in the catcher's position for an entire game.

First Base: Jordan Cameron

An enormous target (6-foot-5, 249 pounds), Cameron possesses the ultra-important soft hands at first base. He would be able to scoop any errant throws in the dirt, or sky high in the air. 

Second base: Andrew Hawkins

Hawkins' speed would give him range comparable to Cleveland Indians legend Roberto Alomar. Also imagine how tough a time pitchers would have finding Hawkins' 5-foot-7 strike zone. His ability to draw walks would make Hawkins the epitome of a leadoff hitter.

Shortstop: Donte Whitner

Shortstops are generally the gritty leaders of the defense, fitting Whitner's description perfectly with the Browns. And just in case there were any bench-clearing brawls, I'd want one of the NFL's hardest hitters on my team.

Third baseman: Karlos Dansby

It's Dansby's instincts that place him at third base in our lineup. At linebacker his quick recognition of pass or run plays is part of the reason he's solidified himself as one of the best in the business. He'd use those skills well to snare down any line drives that came his way at the hot corner. 

Left field: Buster Skrine

Skrine would probably be the first to admit he doesn't exactly fit the mold of your traditional baseball player. Still, his quick feet would are impossible to ignore. It would be nearly impossible to club a baseball over the cornerback's head. And he'd probably lead the league in stolen bases.

Centerfield: Joe Haden

We picture Haden playing baseball like Ken Griffey Jr. – a backwards hat in pregame warm-ups, a million-dollar smile and unbelievable diving catches all across the outfield.

Right field: Brandon Magee

Without a doubt Magee would be the best player on the Browns' baseball team. He spent all spring competing with the Boston Red Sox in spring training and starred at Arizona State in the outfield.

Starting pitcher: Brian Hoyer

Local high school baseball fans might remember Hoyer's phenomenal sophomore season at Saint Ignatius. On the mound Hoyer compiled an 8-1 record with a 1.99 ERA. Oh yeah, his team also won the state championship.

Closer: Johnny Manziel

Sure, Manziel was a prolific middle infielder in high school – so much so that the San Diego Padres picked him in last month's MLB draft. But we're switching his position for the Browns' roster. Manziel already has cannon for an arm. Plus his reputation for performing his best when the moment is the biggest makes him perfect for the ninth inning.

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