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Cleveland Browns 'better' with addition of VP of player personnel Morocco Brown


Ray Farmer always knew he wanted to work alongside of Morocco Brown, and now the Cleveland Browns' general manager is doing just that.

In hiring Brown as the Browns' vice president of player personnel, Farmer finally is able to join forces with a former adversary for whom he developed a healthy respect when it comes to evaluating football talent.

When Farmer was a pro personnel director with the Chiefs, Brown held the same title with the Washington Redskins. Often, when Farmer would reach out to a specific free agent he was interested in signing, that player's agent would inform Farmer he was already working out with the Redskins.

"It's like playing battleship," Farmer said of the competition he and Brown waged during free agency. "He kept sinking my battleship, which means he understands the game the same way I do, of guys that can play and perform in the National Football League."

Brown certainly does. He was influential in Washington's signing of wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who set a Redskins franchise record in receptions during the 2013 season. Other notable pro player acquisitions the Redskins made under Brown's guidance include cornerback DeAngelo Hall and defensive lineman Jason Hatcher.

"The Browns are better today because we've added an exceptional evaluator of talent," Farmer said. "In Morocco, we're getting a tireless worker who is clearly ready for this role, as he's had multiple GM interviews."

The Cleveland Browns' ground-breaking offseason extends to every part of the building.

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