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Cleveland Browns Daily addresses team needs


*Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura continued to give their impressions from the NFL Combine.

On Tuesday's "Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford," co-hosts Vic Carucci and Nathan Zegura discussed the positions that are crucial to address for the Browns' roster next season. Vic and Nathan were joined by former Browns running back Eric Metcalf, who gave his impressions of the NFL Scouting Combine and also his opinions on what the priorities should be when addressing the roster in free agency and the draft.Je'Rod Cherry made his daily appearance to emphasize how the Browns are still in the rebuilding stage and what they need to do in order to rebuild into a successful football team next season.

Here are some highlights:


Nathan Zegura: "I like that Browns general manager Ray Farmer was a former pro personnel director, so he knows the (free-agency) process well. I think that there will be an opportunity to go ahead and make a splash here in free agency and do it economically. I think it is an exciting time for this team and this is where I am excited to flesh out this roster to see where we can get it to be with playoffs on the brain in 2014. The bottom line is that you have to outscore your opponent to win; it is really that simple. I am glad to know the head coach of the Browns wants to do what he can to get there. One thing I want people to remember is that (offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan's offense has been great at throwing the ball and also running the football and that is one of the things that is most enticing."


Vic Carucci: "Just because you have room under the cap, which the Browns do, doesn't mean you just spend to spend and just bring in free agents galore because you have all this room to do so. You still need to be judicious because there is a lot of fool's gold out there. Just because they play well, one does not know if he will play well for you. You don't necessarily have to get those 'stars.' I go back to what general managers and coaches have told me through the years, which is that a free agent never helps you as much as he hurts the team that he leaves. The Browns need to be selective and we will see what (general manager) Ray Farmer's talent is like throughout the free agency process. …The Browns need to put aside all the turmoil and just focus on football and the roster. There are a lot of spots and it is easy for us to come up with eight or nine areas where this team needs to help itself to consider itself in good enough shape to utter the 'p' word."


Eric Metcalf: "I think, when I went (to the Combine), I was hoping to see the hyped guys do well. You can tell by the way (University of South Carolina' defensive end) Jadeveon Clowney performed, he wanted to prove that he does work hard. Although those guys are highly rated, scouts and general managers think there is something to hold them back and these guys have worked so hard to be where they are. I was impressed with (Oregon State wide receiver) Brandin Cooks, but at the same time (leaving in Seattle) I get to see him all the time and I like to see him do well because he is one of those guys who is underestimated. Prior to coming to Indianapolis, there are a couple of guys that say he can really play football and you can tell how he went out there and did it.  I like (University of Arizona running back) Ka'Deem Carey, because he is one of those guys that catches the ball a lot and runs well and it's those guys that can do more that offer different things. I think, if you can do more, it makes it so hard on the defense and it creates problems for a defensive coach."


Je'Rod Cherry:"I am going to go with the wide receiver position for starters; that is a major need for the Browns. I am convinced (Browns quarterback) Brian Hoyer can get the job done, but I am still going to say we need a safety or linebacker. There is a long list of needs and they are legitimate. That shows that we are in the rebuilding stage unfortunately. If I could pick, I am taking (Clemson University wide receiver) Sammy Watkins at the fourth pick, if I can, because I have been on the bandwagon from Day One, and if you are going to have to go high with a pick then you need someone that can go out there and produce immediately. You don't have an Andrew Luck that is coming to Cleveland and you need someone to come in and be a difference-maker immediately, and I believe Sammy Watkins can do that."

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