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Cleveland Browns Players Visit Children at UH's Rainbow Babies and Children's


Spencer Lanning, Jordan Cameron and Justin Staples serve our community

Some might've guessed it was Christmas morning at the UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital on Wednesday.

One-by-one, kids of all ages slowly tip-toed out of their rooms, sporting wide-eyed grins. Decked out in their NFL jerseys, six members of the Browns greeted the children with gifts, high-fives and friendship.

Players got on their hands and knees with a two-year-old girl, playing with her baby doll. They shot nerf basketballs with an 8-year-old boy. The hospital wing was glowing with smiles.

"It makes my day a lot," exclaimed a young boy named Greg, who happened to be the biggest Browns fan in attendance. He adorably cradled his autographed football as if it were attached to his arm.

Christy Thomas has been a nurse for 13-years with Rainbow Babies. As the event was winding down, Thomas decided to address the crowd of hospital staffers and Browns employees.

"I want you to understand how important this is," Thomas said, fighting back tears. "We truly appreciate you have taken the time to do this. You have lifted more spirits than what you'll know today."

Tight end Jordan Cameron knows.

Cameron's entire perspective on life changed five years ago when his son Tristian was born. After each touchdown, Cameron makes a 'T' motion with his arms, communicating with his son through the TV.

The Browns Pro Bowler is thankful his child is in good health and makes it a priority to volunteer working with kids at hospitals as often as he can.

"Anything we can do to help is huge, and I really feel strongly about it," Cameron said following the Rainbow Babies visit.

 "Putting a smile on a kids face that hasn't been feeling well, you can't really explain how good that makes you feel and how it makes them feel."

Spencer Lanning, Martin Wallace, Johnson Bademosi, Justin Staples and Jamoris Slaughter were the other players who volunteered.  The Cleveland Browns remain committed to serving their community and do so each Wednesday during the offseason.

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