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Cleveland Browns statement on future training camp site

Cleveland Browns statement on future training camp site:

"As we have consistently conveyed, based on our football operation's desires for training camp, we are considering various locations. Representatives have approached us about looking into different options, and currently, we are exploring an opportunity in Columbus, which would include a financial contribution from the team towards a community-based recreational facility. Throughout these discussions, we are focused on three core areas: 1. Creating the ideal environment for our players and coaches to prepare for the NFL season, 2. Ensuring that we can invest in and help create positive opportunities for youth in that community during the 11 months a year when the Browns are not practicing at the proposed location and 3. Creating special experiences for all Browns fans to interact with our team, including by continuing to host open sessions at our facility in Berea for fans in Northeast Ohio, above and beyond available training camp days. We will continue to diligently evaluate all options and will place great weight on each of these priorities while remaining committed to our year-round facility in Berea."

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