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Corey Coleman embracing expectations, motivated for big 2017

Corey Coleman was all smiles on Tuesday afternoon after the Browns finished Day 2 of their offseason workout program. And why not?

The second-year wide receiver and 2016 first-round draft pick has every reason to be excited after a hand injury, among other dynamics, made for a rookie season of highs and lows.

"A while ago I said I had disappointing season, but it's just like, I learned a lot," said Coleman, who met with reporters for the first time since January. "I missed six games and that was the toughest thing. I don't think a lot of people understand that I missed six games as a rookie, and I guess they expect me to come back and just be Superman. And I'm still learning stuff as it goes on."

"I just take it as motivation," he continued. "It's OK if you all are hard on me. I'm hard on myself so I feel like it's motivation for me to do even better."

With that approach, Coleman enters this season poised to step up in a room that saw leading receiver Terrelle Pryor part ways with the team during free agency.

"I feel like even if he was here, it's still important to step up my game, no matter who's here," he said. "That's just how I am built and how my mindset is."

Coleman, who caught 43 passes for 413 yards and three touchdowns last year, also spoke of a certain level of comfort that can only come with experience.

"I know what to expect, I know how practices are run," he said. "I know how they do stuff in the weight room, I know everyone, I'm more comfortable."

It was just last month that Browns coach Hue Jackson challenged Coleman to "make the next jump."

"He's very talented as we all know. His background is different. He recognizes that. He knew there was going to be some work to it," Jackson said at the NFL's Annual Meeting.

"He's excited. He's worked extremely hard thus far this offseason, and he wants to come in and prove that last year was just what it was, his first year in the league and then he needed to understand what this league was all about and I think he found out very quickly there's more to it than what he knew and he's looking forward it. I think he's going to take the next jump this year."

And Coleman isn't flinching.

"I just take it as a challenge, another step," he said.

"It motivates me to want to do good and not let this organization down. That's what's driving me.

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