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David Njoku, Jason McCourty, Danny Shelton press conferences - 7/29

TE David Njoku:

On his first two days of training camp:

"They went OK. A couple of ups and downs. Just have to keep working every day."

On Head Coach Hue Jackson's comments yesterday about needing to hold onto the football:

"He is right. Obviously, they chose me in the first round for a reason. It was to make plays. I just have to work that much harder in this practice this afternoon. I have to hang onto it after every catch."

On if every player goes through a day or two where his ball security isn't at its best:

"You have a day like this where it is lack of focus or whatever it is, but you have to bounce back as best as possible and have a better practice the next day."

On if there is a level of concern following his fumbles yesterday:

"Concern? No, I am not concerned. I am just going to work that much harder at holding onto the ball after every catch and tuck it."

On if coaches may be on him more because he was a first-round pick:

"I don't really know. I don't really think about that. I just think about what I have to do to be a better player every day. Obviously, yesterday wasn't my best performance. That is why today I am trying to work harder on bettering myself."


DL Danny Shelton:

On the first full-pads practice:

"Exciting. We have all been waiting for this moment. Ever since OTAs, you can tell that everybody is in that competitive mode. Everybody wants to work. Everybody wants to see their improvements. I think this day is the day we get to see our improvements and see what we have been working on this whole offseason. It is going to be really heated. I know it is going to get crazy in there, but everybody is excited to compete."

On defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' impact on practices:

"Coach Williams did a great job of getting into our minds and changing our mentality, making us think aggressive, think gritty, think nasty and just thinking like a dominant defense. That is what really helped me out as a player, and I can see it in the rest of the D line as far as our effort and as far as how we are working and competing against each other."

On if Williams has shown him tape of Rams DL Aaron Donald or other elite players as examples:

"He definitely mentioned Aaron Donald and the type of players who are elite like him, but it is more of him showing us film on our mistakes and having us get all of those mistakes out – you never want to repeat mistakes – and focusing on coming hard and trying to be perfect the next day. We had a lot of those days in OTAs, and I think everybody is tired of hearing and seeing those mistakes. We are just trying to get out and practice today."

On how his role changes in a 4-3 defense:

"I guess it just gives me more opportunities to make plays. That is what I see it as. That is what is exciting to me is that I get to play this position and have a role where I get to get off and get knock backs. I don't have to worry about everything else."

On the potential of the Browns defensive front and pass rush:

"I see a lot of great things, great potential for our D line group. We are a young group. We are a physically big group. I love it because that brings up the competition. We have guys that are super fast with their get-offs. We have guys that are super powerful. It is non-stop competing for us, and that is what I love about my group. We have guys like (DL) Trevon Coley, who hasn't really had an opportunity yet to get his name out there, but he has been probably one of the most productive D linemen since OTAs. We have (DL) Larry (Ogunjobi), a guy who is just physically talented. We just have a lot of great guys who are going to push each other."

DB Jason McCourty:

On if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams does anything differently than most coaches on the first day of pads:

"No, I do not think so. I think every coach in this league loves contact and loves to see guys get after it. Gregg is definitely no different in that department. You will see guys out there with a purpose. It is going to be a physical day. The offense, everybody is excited. It is the first day of pads. We know that in order to win football games. We have to be physical."

On the younger players in the Browns secondary:

"It has been exciting to watch them. When you are young, everything is kind of a new experience. Seeing them now in camp, today will be a different experience for them now with pads on. Just seeing how much they are picking up from the spring until now, not making the same mistakes, asking a ton of questions in the meeting room or in our downtime. it is always fun to watch the young guys come along."

On DB Briean-Boddy Calhoun:

"He is fun to be around. You can feel his energy and you can see how much he loves to be out here playing football. For an older guy, that is fun to be a young guy who is just trying to soak everything up, soak all the knowledge up. He is playing inside, and he is playing outside. He has a lot of instincts. The ball goes up in the air, and he kind of knows where to be. He is always in the right spot. He has been a fun guy to be around so far in my stay here."

On how well he know DB Joe Haden before joining the Browns:

"I did not really know him, at all. Obviously, playing against him throughout the years, just saying what's up before games or after games but not a real personal relationship. As a veteran in this league, you have a ton of respect for the guys you watch on film that you see making plays game in and game out. Being here, getting a chance to be around him after years of watching him play extremely well on the outside and matching up against team's number one receivers and making plays week in and week out, it has been fun to be around."

On if last season's record comes up in frequent conversations with the team:

"No, we do not really talk about it a lot at all. Obviously for me not being here to be a part of that, and I think for a lot of guys, it is turning the page. Last year is last year and now we are focused on the 2017 Cleveland Browns. I think that is everybody's mindset moving forward. We are not worried about anything that took place last season."

On players learning multiple positions in the defense:

"For us, it is learning too. We do not always know what the package is that is going in. Like you said, we have done some things already early in camp where guys line up at different positions. For Gregg, he puts that onus on us. He challenges us to learn things, and now be able to go out onto the field and execute it and play well at it. He will judge off of what we look like on film in different positions. That will dictate what packages he uses and what defenses he uses. For us, it is a challenge. When he says, 'Hey, we are going to run this package,' and you are lined up at free safety, that is a challenge for you to make sure you know what you are doing and you go out there and you excel at it. That is only going to create more opportunity to be out on the field."

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