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Dawg Pound Journal: 4 Mike Pettine thoughts on the Browns offense


Because he spent an entire hour answering questions last week down at the owners meetings in Phoenix, we're still cleaning out our notebooks from Mike Pettine's interview session.

Here are four thoughts from Cleveland's head coach on the offense.

1)     *OTAs in the spring will be about building an inventory of plays to use all season long*

Pettine quote: "When the smoke clears from training camp and we've settled on a roster, we're going to have enough in our inventory that we can highlight what our guys do well. We have guys that we want to get the ball to in space? We'll find ways to do that."

KJ thought:  A big part of that inventory will be getting running backs Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West more involved as receivers in the passing game and accentuating receivers Brian Hartline and Dwayne Bowe alongside Andrew Hawkins.

2)     *Pettine's increased involvement in game planning with the offense is all about opening up lines of communication *

Pettine quote: "We all speak the same language. It's something I just feel as my ability to make us better, I just feel that would be better served if I was on the offensive side and be able to lend defensive expertise. That's one thing I've always felt in the league that doesn't happen enough – just kind of that cross-pollination of staffs of sharing information back and forth."

KJ thought: Remember the one play Pettine called last year on offense? The trick-pass to Johnny Manziel Week 3 against the Ravens.

3)     *Offensive assistant Kurt Roper's set of eyes will add a new dimension to the coaching staff*

Pettine quote: "Feel real good about the addition of Kurt Roper on our staff. I know he hasn't worked in the NFL, but just as a guy that already you can tell just the way he interacts with the other coaches and just the depth of his knowledge of offensive football, to me, is tremendous. I think he'll be a very big asset not just for (John DeFilippo) but for Kevin (O'Connell) and the rest of the offensive staff."

KJ thought: Roper, who recruited and coached Thad Lewis at Duke, was involved in the decision process to add the veteran quarterback to the mix, Pettine said.

4) Josh McCown stabilizes the Browns' quarterback situation

Pettine quote: "It's very difficult when you talk about, 'Hey let's get ourselves a top-five quarterback.' Those aren't things where you run down to the corner market and there it is. It's a difficult thing to be able to do. We wanted to, and I'm using the word a lot, stabilize it. And we feel we did with Josh."

KJ thought: McCown knows he's going to have to earn the starting role, but after not having an offensive coordinator last season in Tampa Bay, the veteran's anxious to see if he can return to the 2013 form he displayed with the Chicago Bears.

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