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Dear Joe: Browns veteran doles out advice that goes well beyond the football field

I asked for your questions, and you delivered in a big, big way. I expected nothing less from the best fans in football.

We'll be doing this on a regular basis, so make sure to keep them coming. I've got a little more time on my hands these days and I love

For now, I've got two that stood out for our first written installment of "Dear Joe." Check out the video for even more.

Dear Joe: We are having our second annual gingerbread house competition in our family. I was robbed last year. I want to crush them (and I don't even care that some of them are kids) My question in 2 parts. How can I win this year and also am I crazy? -- Tara from Parma

Dear Tara: I think bigger is always better when you're building a gingerbread house. Make sure you even think about doing something that isn't even a gingerbread house! Maybe a gingerbread stadium? Or a gingerbread car? Anything that separates you from the competition. Use everything edible but if you want to poison your competitors, that will guarantee you win.

Dear Joe: As a gentleman of larger stature, my question relates to proper nutrition vs a love of beer: Why does beer have to taste so good and ruin any attempts at proper nutrition? Sometimes, one is too many but 20 isn't enough! -- Derek from Port Colborne

Dear Derek: I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of nutrition. Carbs are a very important part of being able to build muscle and burn fat, so keep drinking that beer.

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