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Demario Davis, Christian Kirksey building bond as Browns workouts continue

Christian Kirksey and Demario Davis have only been teammates for about a month. Even less is the time the two Browns linebackers have gotten to work out together, as Cleveland immerses itself in offseason workouts.

But when asked about the other, both Kirksey and Davis offered similar accounts.

"He's a high-energy guy, man," Kirksey said of Davis. "Just a lot of energy."

"He's just a high-energy guy," Davis said of Kirksey, "and that's what you need."

It's almost like looking in the mirror.

Davis, the former Jets starting linebacker who joined the Browns in free agency, comes to Cleveland in pursuit of a similar role. Kirksey, meanwhile, enters this year with similar ambitions after primarily serving as a platoon WILL inside linebacker the past three seasons.

While Cleveland's depth chart has yet to be set — and likely won't be for quite some time — Kirksey and Davis are expected to play major roles next season in improving the Browns run defense, which struggled in 2015.

"As an inside backer, you have to be able to run and tackle. You have to be able to come downhill. You have to know how to fit up, where you are supposed to be, being in the right spot," said Davis, who made his first appearance with the local news media last week.

"It's kind of on the linebackers to lead by example. You are kind of the quarterback of the defense. You have to be ready to play at a high standard. I just try to bring attitude and effort to wherever I am at, whatever the situation is. I feel like if I can do my job at a high level, that is all I can be accountable for. When you are playing at a high level and doing the right things, other guys see that and they do the same."

Count Kirksey as one of them, who said on Cleveland Browns Daily he thought Davis was in his seventh or eighth year in the league based on his leadership skills.

"I feel like I've been playing with him for a while and it's only been four days," Kirksey said. "He's definitely one of those guys, he does it all. He's definitely going to do good things here and I just can't wait for that first game when we put it all out there."

The feeling is mutual.

"He brings a positive attitude every day," Davis said of Kirksey. "I'm excited to play alongside him."

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