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DeShone Kizer remains confident in face of turnovers, uncertain status

Nothing changed for DeShone Kizer on Monday. The uncertainty about what his Sunday in London would look like remained, but he's dealt with similar situations the past two weeks.

Kizer was adamant he'd maintain the same process as he prepares for what could be his sixth start of the season or the second time he begins a game on the sidelines.

"Once that decision does comes out, obviously, it adjusts the way that you go about things," Kizer said Monday. "I will make sure that I am doing everything that I have been doing to prepare for the game. If I am the starter or if I'm not, then it is about doing everything I can to help the guy who is the starter."

Browns coach Hue Jackson said he'd let Cleveland's three quarterbacks -- Kizer, Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan -- know of his decision early Wednesday.

More than 24 hours removed from a game he started but didn't finish, Kizer was able to take positives while hammering away at the biggest negative that's plagued him throughout his rookie season.

His performance throughout the first 28 minutes or so was, perhaps, his most consistent stretch of the season. He got the ball out quickly on a number of short passes, taking what the Tennessee defense gave him and not forcing anything.

He had the Browns on the cusp of a potentially game-tying field goal or go-ahead touchdown late in the first half when his first big mistake bit him in a big way. His intended pass for an open Rashard Higgins sailed and landed in the arms of Kevin Byard. On his next possession, the first of the second half, Kizer was tricked into a bad throw that was snagged out of the air by Byard.

Two bad throws washed away several good ones, and Kizer was sent to the sidelines and replaced by Kessler.

"I believe personally that everyone here knows that this game is a production-based game," Kizer said. "When you are not producing and you are not leading your team in the right direction of getting a win through turnovers, the best guy should be on the field. For me, it is about doing whatever I can to make sure that I prove to him that I am the best guy on the field.

"Two turnovers in the last two games doesn't necessarily head in that direction."

Jackson said he's confident Kizer will "grow out of a lot of this" but it will take some time. The Browns, at 0-7, can't afford that volume of turnovers from the most important position on the field.

"We have to do it much better, and I think we all know that the majority of the ones that are critical are in the scoring zone and we have a chance to score the ball," Jackson said. "Not only are you not getting opportunities to score points, but you are giving the ball to the other team where they now have an opportunity to score points. It is a double-whammy for us. We are not handling that as well as I think we have to and that I know that we have to as an offensive football team.

"He has to work through this and I think he is, just like I watched I watched how hard he worked last week to put himself in position to go out there and start the game and play early. He just has to make that next jump and take that next step. How fast can we get him there and how fast can he get himself there? I don't know that at this time."

Kizer said his confidence hasn't been shaken enough to affect how he'll perform the next time he's called upon, whether it's Sunday against the Vikings or later this season. He continues to set "small goals" for himself each week, and while he wasn't able to check the box for limiting turnovers, he found other areas where he accomplished what he set out to do.

It's forced Kizer to work even harder to eventually check that empty box.

"You rely on those things to keep you positive and make sure that the things that are negative you attack them even harder, you continue to recognize them and make sure that you understand that those mistakes aren't OK," he said. "Those are mistakes that are leading us to losing games."

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