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First and Ten Top 10 Highlights - February 2020


Every month we will highlight the top 10 stories from fans, youth football coaches, and teachers just like you who are serving in the community! Remember to use hashtag "#give10" when you volunteer for an opportunity to be featured next month!

Name: Samantha & Nick Swboni
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
How do you give back:

Samantha (13 years) and Nick (10 years) love to give back with the St. Jude organization. Over the past 4 years, they have asked local businesses for donations for the creation of many raffle baskets. Samantha and Nick also host an annual carnival in their yard for family, friends, and teammates to attend. Through the selling of tickets, kids win prizes and raffle baskets, while Samantha and Nick donate their earnings to St. Jude. In 2019, they raised $5,770 and over the last 4 years they have been able to raise $11,429. Currently, Samantha and Nick are brainstorming ways for other kids to give back with them. Undoubtedly, these two are doing their part to raise funds and make a difference in the lives of St. Jude's patients.

Name: Susan Helmuth
Hometown: Columbus, OH
How do you give back:

Susan is a resilient individual who refuses to let a life-changing accident, which left her paralyzed in an arm and suffering chronic pain, stop her from giving back to her community. She assists with local school supply drives and volunteers with The River Christian radio station. Additionally, Susan volunteers with a youth group at her church. She also helps with the Ohio Summer Food Service Program, which provides free meals to kids who are 1-18 years old.

Name: Keith Hahn
Hometown: Xenia, OH
How do you give back:

Keith is not only a loyal Brown's fan, but someone who enjoys spreading love and cheer to his community members. He has been working at a local hospital, Green Memorial, for over 35 years and gone above and beyond to treat patients with the upmost care. Keith is intentional about spending extra time with patients to visit with them and ensure they are comfortable. Also, he believes it is important to spend time with patients' family members and tries to comfort them during difficult times. In addition to this hospital service, Keith likes to give back by attending every local high school football game he can. His motivation behind this is knowing that not all athletes have parents who can attend, so he wants them to know someone is there for them and is watching. It is evident that Keith appreciates his community members and wants them to feel valued.

Name: Dan Smith
Hometown: Dayton, OH
How do you give back:

Dan participates with the "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" organization, as a "Big Brother" who enjoys making a difference. He understands how valuable it is to make a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged children in the community. Also, Dan helped support his church's "Love Dayton Project", which assisted those who were negatively affected by tornados and devastating storms. Specifically, he passed out non-perishable food items and everyday living necessities to those in Trotwood who were in need. Overall, Dan likes volunteering his time to make his community a better place.

Name: Josh Elenniss
Hometown: Fairview Park, OH
How do you give back:

Any time Josh comes across someone who is in need, he tries to take advantage of the moment to serve them. Being a fulltime firefighter and paramedic allows for Josh to properly educate community members on a variety of items. He enjoys supporting them through any medical emergency, assists new residents with smoke detectors, and informs youth about fire safety. To Josh, there is no better way to give back than by stepping in and ensuring everyone's safety.

Name: Brian Banfield
Hometown: Youngstown, OH
How do you give back:

Brian is the Athletic Director for the Poland Local Schools district and someone who is passionate about supporting the Mahoning Valley community. During the past 11 years, Brian has been able to raise over $20,000 for the United Way organization. These funds have been raised during annual Basketball Holiday Classics, which welcomes the Mahoning Valley community. Additionally, the funds raised help secure books for many underprivileged children.

Name: GP Weston
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How do you give back:

GP is passionate about giving back in the simplest ways. GP has picked up homeless men from the street and transported them to barber shops for proper grooming. GP also has taken couples to go grocery shopping and has dropped them off at their homes afterwards. In one instance, GP assisted an elderly woman with groceries all the way to her door. GP is thankful whenever multiple service opportunities such as these present themselves.

Name: Adam Rogerson
Hometown: Medina, OH
How do you give back:

The Canton Pitbulls is a nonprofit organization dedicated towards providing a fun and friendly football environment. Through volunteering extensively, Adam has become the Defensive Coordinator for the Pitbulls and is a leader in this nonprofit. Adam's motivation to volunteer stems from knowing that he is providing a positive outlet for gentlemen who could easily get caught in nearby dangerous streets.

Name: Nancy Kerchmat
Hometown: Elyria, OH
How do you give back:

Giving back to children how Nancy serves her local community. In the past, Nancy has helped organize back-to-school giveaways and backpacks for children in need. She understands the social challenges children who attend school without the school supplies can face. While partnering with her local church, Nancy most recently donated school supplies and delivered over 40 backpacks to a food bank that was hosting a back-to-school event for disadvantaged children.

Name: Jaimie Yurko
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How do you give back:

Working with "furry friends" is how Jaimie gives back in the Cleveland community. Jaimie has volunteered to earn proper dog training accreditations, including dog obedience and leash handling certifications. By working with several community groups and individuals, Jaimie has been able to provide proper dog training to both owners and their pets. Jaimie also volunteers at multiple kennels and shelters to train dogs and increase the chances of more comfortable living for everyone. There is no doubt that Jaimie absolutely loves furry friends in our community and is passionate about everyone enjoying their company as well.

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