First and Ten Top 10 Highlights - January 2020


Every month we will highlight the top 10 stories from fans, youth football coaches, and teachers just like you who are serving in the community! Remember to use hashtag "#give10" when you volunteer for an opportunity to be featured next month!

Name: Brent Melton
Hometown: Coldwater, OH
How do you give back:

Brent is a disabled Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran who is passionate about giving back. After returning from Iraq in 2009, Brent noticed he could recognize his fellow Veterans by honoring their stories. Today, Brent saves Veterans' uniforms, helmets and other items in an effort to present their unique stories. For the past five years, he has traveled across Ohio and Michigan to display these items and better educate the public on those who served our country. He also creates opportunities to teach others about the current Veteran suicide epidemic. Brent's overall passion is to save and cherish the special stories of our fallen Veterans.

Name: Patrick Lamielle
Hometown: Akron, OH
How do you give back:

Patrick is a public high school teacher who goes above and beyond volunteering in the community. He supports children through multiple after-school clubs and athletic events. Also, Patrick volunteers with multiple food drives that help feed the homeless. The most recent food drive Patrick participated in fed approximately 100,000 individuals in Akron. He has also helped begin a non-profit geared toward teaching music lessons to children. Additionally, Patrick partnered with others to transform an old warehouse into a thriving artistic community, which included a live venue and professional recording studio.

Name: Steve Flanagan
Hometown: Windsor, OH
How do you give back:

Steve has done an incredible job serving those in need of wheelchairs. He was previously featured on the Discovery Network for his work in providing electric and manual wheelchairs to Veterans or kids who cannot afford them. While partnering with Karman Healthcare, Steve customizes wheelchairs to each individuals receiving one. Steve intentionally makes those receiving the wheelchairs feel extra special by organizing friends and family to be present during the wheelchair delivery presentation.

Name: Jermaine Smith
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How do you give back:

Jermaine has a dual role in the community as a Cleveland Police Officer and owner of the Premier Barber Studio. Aside from keeping our community safe, Jermaine volunteers his time at the I Promise School in Akron. There, he volunteers by providing free haircuts to children and has been highlighted by Channel 19 for his great service. Children routinely visit Jermaine's barbershop, as it is a safe haven and place they can receive his great mentorship.

Name: Dustin RuffellHometown: Cleveland, OH* How do you give back*:

Dustin has worked in education for over 18 years and is passionate about developing students in the area of technology. He is currently an Ohio CoSN Council Rep, which allows him to better equip Technology Directors to give back to the community. He also serves as a youth pastor at his local church and volunteers as a soccer coach. Overall, Dustin enjoys creating new opportunities for others to grow and access community services and resources.

Name: Quincey Bentley
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How do you give back:

Quincey makes sure to #give10 in a variety of ways. Along with his wife and children, Quincey and his family prepare meals once a month and deliver them to homeless shelters. He also volunteers at The Refuge, where he teaches low-income individuals on how to acquire higher paying jobs. During his seven years of service, Quincey has helped The Refuge apply for and receive a $10,000 grant. Quincey also volunteers with the United Way, the Cancer Society and is involved in fundraisers that support local non-profits.

Name: Arna Stennett
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How do you give back:

Arna serves at Dorcas Tea Ministry, as she enjoys mentoring 5-17 year old boys and girls to be their very best. At Dorcas Tea Ministry, boys and girls hone in on discovering their "Passion, purpose, and promise in life." The developmental programs that Arna facilitates include healthy eating, exercise, skin and hair care, professional skills, financial literacy and career mapping. Arna also helps with the Grand Finale, which is a celebration event where boys and girls showcase their proper manners and acquired skills, while dressing up for the red carpet.

Name: Kristen Wilson
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
How do you give back:

Kristen leads in the community as the service chair for the American Legion auxiliary in Parma. For the last five years, Kristen has helped raise thousands of dollars for local nonprofits. These nonprofits support children, animals, veterans and the homeless. Last year, she coordinated a toy drive that donated over 300 toys to sick children and families that were hospitalized for the holidays. Kristen also served as the board president for a nonprofit that supported low income and homeless individuals. In this role, she helped raise over $25,000 for them to access life essential items.

Name: Zachary Riter
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
How do you give back:

Zachary has been intentional in the development of his two daughters and ensuring they know the value of volunteering in the community. Zachary and his family have held lemonade stands and raised funds to support the community. Together they have raised nearly $1,000 for Akron and Springfield Police and K9 units. Due to their significant service, Zachary's children have received citizenship awards and the key to the city of Akron. Zachary is proud to have led his daughters to giving back in the community.

Name: Bob Carnicom
Hometown: Dayton, OH
How do you give back:

Bob volunteers with many local organizations that give back to the Dayton community. With the Human Society of Greater Dayton, Bob has welcomed many animals in need of shelter at his foster home. He frequently shelters dogs that are recovering from illnesses or surgeries. Bob and his wife also volunteer as adult leaders for a senior high school youth group at their church. They both find this experience to be rewarding as they get to guide and mentor students through their high school journey. Bob volunteers at a local YMCA as an assistant fencing instructor. He teaches the beginner and intermediate classes. Bob enjoys teaching those in the community and gets excited to see his students learn new skills.

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