First & Ten Special Feature: How lifelong Browns fan Don Billie gives back


Don Billie is a lifelong Browns fan and season ticket holder that is passionate about giving back! As an Information Technology professional, Billie has used his skills and expertise to serve the less fortunate overseas. While overseas, Billie volunteered his time with communities that have been distraught by natural disasters or new government legislation. Billie recently teamed up with the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation (BHHF), whose mission is to alleviate suffering of those affected by war and poverty, to help the Iraqi Qushtapa Refugee Camp. BHHF focuses on providing medicinal support and humanitarian aid, installing medical equipment, sharing donated clothing items, and supporting children's futures. More specifically, it is in supporting children's futures that Billie has been instrumental.

The Qushtapa Refugee Camp houses many families who fled the ISIS crises in their hometowns. This camp also holds community centers where families and children can continue their education. Billie volunteered by setting up two different PC labs and also led several intense PC skills trainings. The students that participated ranged from elementary through high school and partook in a graduation, upon completion of the PC trainings. Bille reached the Cleveland Browns for a donation and they shipped over Browns Huddle For 100 wristbands to include in goodie bags for all PC program graduates. The student refuges were extremely appreciative of Mr. Billie's service towards furthering their PC knowledge and making their goodie bags extra special.

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