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FitnessGram coming to Northeast Ohio schools


Attention teachers! The Cleveland Browns have collaborated with The Cooper Institute® to bring FitnessGram® to Northeast Ohio schools! FitnessGram is a health-related youth fitness assessment that utilizes evidence-based standards to measure the levels of fitness needed for good overall health.

This exciting new tool will help enhance your physical education program by introducing the ability to assess and report on the health and fitness levels of your students. Just as students should know their academic progress in the classroom, students should know their fitness levels and understand the relationship between fitness and health. We can't manage what we don't measure, and we know that fitness levels decline as students get older. FitnessGram provides students, teachers, parents and administrators the standards and awareness of fitness levels needed for good health. This information is critical to making positive, healthy changes.

Just as our players are measured and prepared for competition on the field, it is vitally important that today's youth have the opportunity to learn about their fitness levels so that they are prepared for a healthy life. 

Implemented in more than 20,000 schools, FitnessGram has impacted nearly 10 million students!

Spots are limited. Sign up your school today for a chance to be part of the program and unite with the Cleveland Browns!

Contact: Leonard Freeman

For more information about The Cooper institute or FitnessGram, please visit

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