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Freddie Kitchens takes national praise in stride, focused on task at hand

Freddie Kitchens doesn't invest in campaigning. Never has, never will. 

Instead, Kitchens focuses on the issues — in this case, the Browns offense — and trusts that John Dorsey or someone else will hire him based on merit. 

Kitchens has proven himself as an inventive offensive mind since taking over as offensive coordinator in Week 9. The rest of the league has taken notice, and Kitchens is poised to be a play-caller in the NFL for years to come. 

Kitchens isn't one to read his own press clippings, though. And he's the last one to show them to others. 

"I'm serious when I tell you, I don't advertise for jobs," Kitchens said Thursday. "I don't have to and I won't ever."

The strongest case for Kitchens has been his impact on Baker Mayfield. Before Kitchens took over, Mayfield completed 58 percent of his passes for 1,471 yards, eight touchdowns and six interceptions in five games. Mayfield's completed 71 percent of his passes for 1,594 yards and 13 touchdowns compared to five interceptions since Kitchens took over in Week 9. 

Kitchens spreads the field like Mayfield became accustomed to spreading it at Oklahoma, accentuating Mayfield's strengths and camouflaging his weaknesses. Mayfield said last week he and Kitchens think about football the same way. Their personalities match, too. And most importantly, Mayfield and Kitchens share a strong trust, as evidenced by Mayfield's freedom to audible to the go-ahead touchdown against Denver last week. 

"That's a lot of trust right there," Mayfield said. "Allowing me to change calls, change formations and just get us in the best position to win – that is what it comes down to. We talk and communicate enough to where I understand what he wants to do, how he wants to accomplish it and that is where that comes from."

The chemistry he shares with Mayfield is a significant advantage for Kitchens. It's something almost no other prospective play-caller can boast. In short, it's a plus to have good rapport with the future of the franchise. 

Kitchens pays the notions and speculations of his future no mind. He still has two games commanding his attention. 

"I am not worried about head coach, coordinator – I do not care," Kitchens said. "I am just trying to do the job that I am doing right now today. I promise you I am not worried about two weeks from now. I can promise you that."