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Getting to know Nate Burleson


If you were a type of food, what food would you be? -- Kiwi. It's a little bit exotic, but it tastes good.

Favorite cereal? -- Fruity pebbles all the way. 100 percent best cereal ever.

Believe in big foot? – Yes, 100 percent. I do believe he's real.

Fastest teammate? --  Tossup between Josh Gordon and Andrew Hawkins.

Favorite holiday? -- Thanksgiving. I love it. Good food. Good family.

Super power? -- Invisibility

Who eats the most on the team? -- You can just go ahead and put the whole defensive line in that category. Those are some big boys.

Brown or Orange? -- Brown

Favorite subject in school? -- English, that's when I fell in love with poetry.

What round are you drafting yourself in fantasy football? -- This year? Oh man, I'm a sleeper. So I'll say draft me late, but y'all are getting big numbers.

One celebrity to be your uncle?  -- That's tough. Jimi Hendrix.

Best hands on the team? -- You're looking at them baby!

Favorite sports movie? -- Above The Rim

First car? -- Old school beat up 1996 Kia Sephia in college. But I was pushing it. And I had the fake pop rims I got from Walmart!

Do you dance at weddings? -- I dance everywhere I go. Music runs my life. Show you a dance move? I'll wait till we get in the end zone for that.

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