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Go inside the Browns equipment room on this week's Brownscast


Ever wonder how a football team transports all of its equipment from one place to the other?

Or how about the number of people it takes to accomplish such a task?

Brad Melland, who has been with the Browns for 11 seasons, has all of those answers and more in this week's "Brownscast" with Max Linsky.

Linsky visits Melland in his office and takes a tour of the Browns' spacious equipment room on the first floor of the Browns training facility in Berea. No detail is left unturned in Melland's world, all the way down to the shoelaces that need to be prestine on game day.

"Could we have an effect on the game? Yeah," Melland said. "I don't like to look at it that way but that's when all of our knowledge and what we do becomes very important."

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