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Happy new year, Browns fans!


Thank you for joining the Cleveland Browns First and Ten movement! Your commitment to the community has helped inspire more than 2 million hours of volunteering. We would ask that you would continue to do your part by hanging onto those New Year's resolutions even as January comes to a close.

As you know – the First and Ten movement is all about giving back to the community – big or small, your 10 hours helps make a difference. Share with use how you are choosing to #give10 and help those in your community and we'll highlight the TOP 10 Stories on our website each month!

Are you a Youth Football Coach? We know all of the hard work and dedication that goes into coaching our youth the game of football. We want to hear about what ages you coach and why you are passionate about giving back to others!

Teachers, we know about the after-school programs, clubs and trips you advise and chaperone. Keep up the good work, it has not gone unnoticed. Giving of your time is so important and we are grateful for how you choose to teach and empower students year-round.


We have Community Partners that you can collaborate or volunteer with to get your 10 hours this year. Visit Our First and Ten Community Partners page to get started and find an organization that's right for you! Want to volunteer with a group? Once a month? At Special Events? Each organization has unique opportunities available for Browns fans who want to GIVE BACK...


1. Re-energize with First and Ten; get your friends, families and co-workers involved!
*They can take the pledge individually or as a group on our website

  • We are CLEVELAND – what better way to connect to the Browns than through VOLUNTEERISM? Once you take the pledge and begin volunteering, post photos using #give10!
  • If you're not in the Greater Cleveland area, you can still give back wherever you are, volunteering in your community to contribute toward global goodwill.

2. Gather stories, TELL US WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN THE COMMUNITY – using #give10
*We challenge you to share your stories with us on social media and our website, this could be as simple as a couple of sentences.

  • Monthly email blasts to fans will include volunteer opportunities, Community Partner Spotlights and sometimes contests and prizes for sharing their stories.
  • By Joining First and Ten, you are united with the Cleveland Browns! When you sign up a group to #give10 we will send you a tool kit with wristbands, circle sign and more
  • Take photos, we will RT and inspire others to do the same while promoting your non-profit as a fantastic place to #give10

Thank you!
Cleveland Browns Community Relations Team

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