Heads Up Football certification process

Thank you for your interest in USA Football's Heads Up Football initiative. Please enroll your school in Heads Up Football using the link below. Heads Up Football is an annual enrollment by schools, so even if you enrolled in prior years you will have to do so again in 2019 to be recognized as participating in the initiative.

USA Football Enrollment

If you already have an USA Football user account, please log in (the Login button is in the top right corner of the webpage). If you don't have a USA Football user account, you may need to sign up for one (it's free).

Please follow the prompts to enroll your school.

If you encounter any issue during the enrollment process, please call USA Football's Help Desk 1-877-536-6822.

Purchase Order Process

Following Heads Up Football enrollment at www.usafootball.com (instructions above), the school Athletic Director will need to complete the purchase order process on NFHSLearn.com so your coaches can take the Blocking and Defeating Blocks/Shoulder Tackling & Equipment Fitting for free (typically $10).

With the generosity from University Hospitals covering the course, you have access to create a PO using the assigned USAFB PO Number.

Steps to complete this process are linked below for reference and other important details are listed below. After PO confirmation, all the coaches will need to do is accept the course that is distributed directly to their email. Failure to set up the Purchase Order and using the PO# when prompt will result in your coaches having to pay $10 for the Blocking and Defeating Blocks/Shoulder Tackling & Equipment Fitting course.

  • For the billing address information you will enter the district's billing address
  • When setting up the purchase order, use the following PO# when prompted: USAFB1224 (This will indicate to NFHS to bill us directly for all courses purchased)
  • For the School/Organization Name on the "Payment Information" page enter: USA Football

Once checkout process is complete, you will distribute course uses with your coaches. Please follow the link below for instructions to complete the process.