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Hue Jackson conference call - 8/19

Opening statement:

"Let me begin by offering my overall thoughts after watching tape of the game. Like I said last night, I felt like we took some good steps offensively. (QB) Robert (Griffin III) did a nice job of protecting the ball and taking advantage of some nice opportunities. He was also good about protecting himself, which is something we've worked on since he's been here. (WR) Terrelle Pryor continues to make strides at the receiver position, and he continues to do everything that is asked of him and take the attitude that he has a ways to go and he has a lot of work to do, which is good. It is good to see that he continues to stress that he's not there yet and that he's got to continue to work at it.

"Obviously, defensively, we have some work to do. We have to get better at tackling. We have to grow stronger against the rush or else teams are just going to feel like they can move the ball on us that way.

"Our team attitude right now remains the same. We're going to focus on and continue to work hard and improve each and every day. We get a nice long week ahead of us competing against Tampa Bay, and that's going to be a great opportunity for us to get better. Right now, there are no injuries to note so I think we head into this thing feeling pretty good about where we are physically."

On how the Browns offensive line played last night compared to the game at Green Bay:

"There was some improvement across the board. I thought there was more time for Robert. I thought the guys battled a lot harder. That's what you expect from Week 1 to Week 2."

On if there is a consistent problem with tackling or what is the cause:

"It's something we just need to continue to improve on. I'm not going to say it's a consistent problem – we've only played two games – but obviously, it's a sore thumb right now and we need to work through it. We'll go back out to practice here soon, and we'll get back after it."

On the number of missed tackles the Browns had last night:

"We had too many (laughter),* *I promise you that. We had too many to my likings. We have to do a better job of tackling. That's pretty obvious."

On if the Browns' physical training camp and siren periods add to the frustration of missed tackles:

"No, I'm glad I did have them because it showed me some things that I know we need to continue to work on. I think that was needed at that time. Obviously, we were practicing against each other. Now, we're playing against other teams and we just need to do a better job of taking the proper angles, wrapping up and finishing our tackles."

On DL Danny Shelton being one of the only starters to open the second half and if it was due to disappointment in his play during the first two games:

"No, that wasn't about that. That was truly about looking at different combinations. As I've said all training camp, we're going to continue to look at different combinations of guys out there playing with different players to see what gives us a good look. No, it had nothing to do with being disappointed about his performance."

On if DL Carl Nassib will get more playing time with the first team:

"We'll make that decision as we go. Obviously, he's doing some good things, and he needs to continue to get better and keep growing."

On DB Justin Gilbert's performance last night:

"He didn't play as well as I think Justin can play. I think he'll continue to work in practice and clean up some of the things that he needs to get better at."

On if the Browns need to make personnel changes with the first team defense or if the correct people are in the right places:

"We'll continue to look at different combinations to see if we can get the best guys out there. I don't think that we have all the answers just yet or else we would have slowed some other teams down. I think our guys understand what we need to fix, and I think they will come back in here chomping at the bit to get better."

On if he and defensive coordinator Ray Horton will consider using a four-man front on the defensive line to help improve the run defense:

"I think me and Ray will do whatever we think it takes to help our football team win, whether it's four-man line or stay in the base line that we're in now. I don't think it's about four-man lines or any of that. What we have to do is do our jobs better and make sure that we're doing the things that we're asking our guys to do play in and play out."

On areas the Browns offense can improve, given his comment that he sees potential but it is not yet a 'well-oiled machine':

"Obviously, I think the big plays were evident. We want to be a dynamic offense that can score whether it is by land or air anytime. I think we have those kind of players. It was good to see (RB) Isaiah Crowell make some good, strong, physical runs and watch our line block at the point of attack better than the week before. To me, that's something of a pretty good offense. You couple that with the quarterback who doesn't turn the ball over and who keeps us in good situations then you have potential to have good things happen."

On Griffin's two TD passes:

"The reads were exactly what they needed to be. The qualities of the throws were excellent. Obviously, it was a heck of a catch by (TE Gary) Barnidge, and it was a heck of a play by Terrelle Pryor. Both balls were where they needed to be and they went to the right people. That tells me that Robert is growing and doing what he needs to do. It also tells me that our guys are getting in the right spots to create those opportunities for a big play."

On if he liked one TD more than the other:

"I love them both. When they end up in touchdowns, I like both of them pretty much."

On the significance of playing time this week and in the third preseason game for WR Corey Coleman and DB Joe Haden to prepare for the regular season:

"I think it's a huge week for both. You said it best, we have to make sure these guys have some playing time under their belt before we get ready to go into the season because we haven't had an opportunity to see them versus live competition. This will be a big week for both of them."

On if this upcoming week will also be a big week for Griffin:

"Every week is important for Robert. There is no week that wouldn't be for our quarterbacks at all."

On the Browns' struggles stopping the run and if Shelton is as effective as he needs to be:

"I don't think it's about just Danny. It's about our defense, our unit. Our unit needs to play better. Like I said last night, we need to tackle better, we need to make sure we get in the right spots and everybody does their job better. I don't think it's about one guy. It's about the whole unit."

On DL Jamie Meder playing some at DE this past week and where Meder will play moving forward:

"We'll continue to evaluate it because obviously, we didn't have the success that we anticipated. Jamie in Green Bay did a great job. Last night, I don't think our whole unit – I think they would all be the first to tell you – there were some other things I think we did better, but as a whole, there were some things that we need to improve on pretty quickly."

On if mixing and matching defensive personnel may contribute to the Browns' challenges in run defense as players are settling into their positions:

"I think some of that is true, but at the same time, this is the time to evaluate and find out what is going to be the best for us as we get ready to head into the season. I think our first defense early in the game, there are some things we did better. In the second half, obviously, with some of the younger guys, it wasn't as good as it could be. Overall as a defensive unit, myself, Ray and all of us talk about it, we have to tackle better. We have to do some of the fundamental things better, and that's going to be our charge this week."

On a former Browns OL tweeting that Falcons C Alex Mack 'had his way' with Shelton:

"He's entitled to his opinion, and I respect that, but I don't get into what everybody else says."

On LB Barkevious Mingo and if the Browns need to see more from him this week:

"Obviously, I want to see more out of all of our players because we're still evaluating our football team as we put it together so that we can have the best players possible on this football team. We're going to evaluate everybody on offense, defense and special teams alike so that we can put the best product out there."

On if the Browns would welcome DB K'Waun Williams back and if Williams can contribute this year:

"I think right now it is a little early to even talk about K'Waun and that situation. I think we all know he is suspended. When that is done, then we will take it accordingly from there." 

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