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Hue Jackson confident in DeShone Kizer, but will name starting QB that's 'best for the team'

Hue Jackson will choose between quarterbacks DeShone Kizer and backup Kevin Hogan later this week.

Jackson said he needs to evaluate film of Sunday's loss to the Jets before making a decision as Cleveland prepares for a road trip to Houston against one of the league's best defenses.

"I think for me, I need to get alone to myself after watching the tape again and really think back through it all," Jackson said Monday. "Like I said, my decision is what's best for the team. What's best for our team to put us in position to win?"

This comes after Hogan replaced Kizer at halftime in a game that saw Cleveland's offense struggle with turnovers and missed field goals in the red zone. Hogan, who passed for 194 yards, two touchdowns and an interception, gave the Browns' offense a lift on a day that ended with a season-high 419 yards.

Kizer, the youngster who has shown promise through highs and lows, finished with 84 yards passing and an interception before trading his helmet for a ball cap on the sideline.

Jackson stressed he remains confident in Kizer's potential but lamented turnovers and other miscues as an impediment to the team's overall success.

"DeShone, in my opinion, is going to be a tremendous football player in this league. He has to continue to work at it each and every day. Like most young quarterbacks that start into this, it goes well, then there's a little nosedive, then there's a pickup, then there's a flatten out period," he said.

"He's growing and he's getting better in some areas, but there are a lot of areas you have to be good at playing quarterback in the National Football League. I think we all know that."

Jackson also clarified comments made earlier this season about sticking with the youngster through thick and thin, saying the Browns will "ride through the ups and downs until I determine that the ups and downs are too much."

"I've been riding through it. That's what we've been doing, but at some point in time, I have to look at it and say, 'what's best for the football team?'" he continued. "That's what I plan on doing. That's where it all starts."

Against that backdrop, Jackson said his decision at quarterback will be what's best for the team and a young Kizer still learning through inevitable growing pains.

"It's not just for the team, but what's best for him just so that he can feel like, 'OK, I'm moving further along in this process and I'm understanding what I need to do to be better,'" Jackson said. "I think all of that will go into my decision making."

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