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Hue Jackson encouraged after 'real back-and-forth conversation' with John Dorsey

CLEVELAND — Browns coach Hue Jackson spoke of alignment with new general manager John Dorsey on Monday and a shared vision of what they hope to build in Cleveland someday.

The pair continued to develop that partnership Monday morning as they broke down Sunday's overtime loss to the Packers, which saw the Browns surrender a two-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter.

"We got together early and really talked through the game," Jackson said. "Again, just continued to dialogue on what we need to continue to do better to get the team better and how we see the football team as we continue to move forward."

The Browns hired Dorsey on Thursday shortly after dismissing Sashi Brown as the team's head of personnel. Dorsey, widely viewed as one of the better talent evaluators in the NFL, takes over a team armed with five picks in the first two rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft. In the meantime, he wants to cultivate a relationship with Jackson and survey one of the league's youngest rosters.

Jackson described Monday's conversation as an open dialogue as the Browns continue searching for their first win amid a shrinking window to do so.

"I thought it was a real back-and-forth conversation, which was really good. He was able to tell me how he saw the team, and I was able to tell him how I saw the team as well," Jackson said.

"Then obviously, we have those discussions on what we can do better and how we see it coming together here at the end, trying to find ways to improve over the next three weeks. That was really the dialogue that we had."

Jackson, whose path had not previously crossed Dorsey's much before last week, also said the meeting gave him reason to believe the pair will be unified going forward. 

"Very much so. That's what it's all about. We're having conversations about how we see football, which I think is really important," he said, "and how we see winning evolving here and how we're going to get to it. I think you have to be able to talk like that all of the time."​

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