Hue Jackson Foundation announces 1st fundraiser

In an effort to combat Human Trafficking in Cleveland, the Hue Jackson Foundation is hosting its first fundraising event, Breaking Down the Game – An Evening with Coach Jackson.

Breaking Down the Game will be held on Thursday November 2nd, 2017 from 5:15 pm – 9 pm at the Cleveland Browns Training Facility (76 Lou Groza Blvd, Berea, OH). It will feature an engaging, informative and fun evening with Coach Hue Jackson as he breaks down film, presents an exclusive look at what it takes to be an NFL player, and reveals how the Browns prepare for their opponents.

Each ticket includes admission, food, cocktails, playbook, parting gift, and an opportunity to help those affected by Human Trafficking. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased for $250 at

Proceeds from this event will help fund the Hue Jackson Survivors of Human Trafficking Residence, the foundation's first initiative in its mission to raise awareness and assist those exploited by Human Trafficking.

Ohio ranks 4th in the nation for Human Trafficking and thousands of Northeast Ohioans are enslaved in commercial sex and forced labor every year. These include children, teens and adults, male or female, of any race or ethnic group.

Coach Hue Jackson stated, "There is a shelter crisis for trafficked victims in the United States. And compounding the issue is the fact that the trauma of sexual violence can impact victims for a lifetime, affecting their health, education and employment.  Michelle and I firmly believe that in order for survivors to break the trafficking cycle, secure housing is critical."

Breaking Down the Game follows the July launch of The Hue Jackson Foundation founded by Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns, Hue Jackson, and his wife, Michelle. Their organization has partnered with the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland to provide much-needed safe housing for those who have been exploited by Human Trafficking. Both organizations are working together to create a safe healing environment dedicated to supporting survivors in their recovery process. The Hue Jackson Survivors of Human Trafficking will include shared office space for law enforcement, healthcare and social service professionals who work with the survivors. In addition to these agencies, the Renee Jones Empowerment Center will utilize this office.


The Hue Jackson Foundation is committed to empowering children, teen and adult victims of Human Trafficking through the funding of organizations that champion for and serve as a voice for those who are exploited.

Victims of Human Trafficking have been robbed of their autonomy and self-respect by traffickers that use violence, physical and emotional coercion, fraud, debt bondage and other means to subjugate their victims and exploit them for sex and labor commerce.

Coach Jackson, and his wife, Michelle, created the Hue Jackson Foundation for reasons dear to their hearts.  Parents of three daughters, they are dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations that embolden and offer hope to victims of sexual exploitation and coercion.

The foundation will focus its efforts to further awareness, prevention and healing for victims of this crime.

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