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Hue Jackson, Josh McCown focused on the present

Browns quarterback Josh McCown said he's not worried about his future in Cleveland, and neither is first-year coach Hue Jackson.

The pair Wednesday said they're focused on the here and now as the team dives into its offseason workout program, playing down outside speculation the team might part ways with the veteran in light of the signing of Robert Griffin III and prospect of drafting a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft.

"You don't play in this league for 15 years having not been very good at what you do. He provides us with a really good quarterback, obviously a veteran presence and I am just excited to work with him," Jackson said of McCown.

"As far as what is going to happen in the future? I'm not concerned about that and having talked to Josh (about that), he isn't either. What we are worried about is getting better each and every day when we walk in this building. That goes for our coaches to our players. When we get out of our cars we have one thing on our mind and that is to get better."

McCown, who started eight games for the Browns last season, echoed a similar sentiment when asked if he was uncertain where he fits on the roster.

"For me, it's come in and compete," McCown said. "They'll make the decisions accordingly on how they build this roster and where guys play. It's just come and compete. That's my mindset."

In a quarterback room that includes Griffin, Austin Davis and Connor Shaw, McCown finds himself in a competition to be the team's starter next season. Jackson has made it clear nothing will be handed out and such a role must be earned.

"We're going to coach all of these guys the same and hopefully get them to play the way we think they can play," Jackson said when faced with flurry of questions about Griffin, who was a three-year starter in Washington and the league's Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2012.

"I think they all have different strengths because they are different. They are different people. But at the same time we create an environment for our quarterback to be as good as he can be. That is what we are going to do for all of them."

While the Browns have long struggled to find continuity at the position, McCown offered bright moments last season despite nagging injuries, passing for 2,109 yards and 12 touchdowns against four interceptions.

Encouraged by that success coupled with past highs in stints with Tampa Bay, Chicago and Arizona, McCown said he aims to keep that momentum rolling into the spring.

"That's my plan. Obviously, I understand that the situation can change. If there's a quarterback added, there may be some decisions made. I get that," he said. "But I'm just trying to stay in this moment and just, 'OK, today what do I have to do to help myself be better?' If the situation changes, then we'll address that when that time comes, but right now, it's just try to help myself get better as a player."

McCown added, "I think being able to grow with these guys, to be around Hue, to be around (associate head coach) Pep (Hamilton), I think I can continue to get better as a player from being around them. However long that time is, I want to maximize the ability to learn from these guys. That'll be my approach. If it changes, it changes, but right now, I'm a member of this football team so I'll do everything I can to help this football team."

Jackson also kept the conversation in the present tense.

"I think Josh is excited and happy to be here. What we are talking about is in the future. I don't know about all of that," he said.

"I do know this: Tomorrow, he is going to be in this building, we are going to get ready and we are going to have another good day. That is the most important thing going right now."

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