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Hue Jackson press conference - 10/12

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"The medical guys I talked about yesterday, I think they are all making progress. Hopefully, we will have them all back out tomorrow. For the most part, I feel good about the group. Hopefully, they will be able to progress well enough tomorrow to practice so that they can play in this game."

On the impact of LB Jamie Collins Sr. returning from injury:

"He is one of our better players, one of our best players. I think it will add another spark to our defensive football team. Obviously, getting (DL) Myles (Garrett) back last week, getting Jamie back, getting (DL) Danny (Shelton) back, I think that is good. We are back to almost full strength. I think the guys are excited to be out there playing, practicing together. I think they are looking forward to playing in a game together."

On level of confidence that OL JC Tretter and Shon Coleman will be able to play Sunday:

"I feel pretty good about that, yes. I do. I do."

On if there has been a difference in QB Kevin Hogan this week:

"It is amazing, Kevin is just steady-Eddy. Kevin doesn't get too high or get too low. He is really steady. He has done a good job in practice this week."

On the Browns improvement in the run game last week:

"I called it more (laughter). We were in the game. The game was a lot closer game. We had more cracks at it. Our guys finished some blocks. We got on people. We fit the ball in the right spot. I thought we did those things better, but being very honest with you, we called it more. We had an opportunity. We were in the game, and that is what we hope to do and want to do."

On Hogan's mobility considering his size:

"Yeah, he is able to run around a little bit and make some plays with his legs. Sometimes you need that. Sometimes those are drive starters that give you a chance to get off on a good start offensively. Kevin is able to do whatever we need him to do."

On noticing differences in Hogan's mechanics this year:

"Oh, I did. I did. He really improved himself this offseason. He spent the time, worked at it and came back ready to go. I see improvement. I do see that."

On Texans DE Jadeveon Clowney and how to the Browns OL can help protect Hogan:

"Clowney, we have our hands full with him. He is a really good football player, playing at a high level right now. It is an area of our football team that I have put a huge emphasis on – pass protection. I think we have gotten better at it. Definitely over the past two weeks, three weeks, the line is really in sync. The communication has been really good. The backs play a part in that and the tight ends play a part in that. That part has been good. Like I said, we are going to have our hands full this week though with Clowney and making sure because he is all over the place. He is not just in one spot. He is playing in a lot of different areas. We are going to have to do a really good job with communicating and knowing where he is. They also have some very capable other rushers that will come after us, as well. We have to do a great job that way."

On Texans QB Deshaun Watson and the challenges he presents:

"Obviously, he is scoring the ball. He is scoring, making plays with his arm and his legs. It is a tremendous challenge, but he is not doing anything different than what he did in college. He is making plays all the time and leading this football team. He is a very intelligent player. I think he works extremely hard based on what I know and spending my time with him. He is a challenge because he can hurt you throwing the ball and he can hurt you running the ball."

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