Hue Jackson press conference - 10/26


Opening statement:**

"First off, I have to give a shout out to the Indians. What a great win last night. They are starting this thing off the right way. I'm not going to pronounce coach's name (Indians Manager Terry Francona) since I butchered it the last time (laughter). I'm just going to give him a shout out. Hopefully, he can go do it again tonight. I know that the city's electric right now. A lot of people are very excited about what they are accomplishing. I hope they know that our team is behind them all the way and rooting for them all the time, rooting hard. Those guys were rallying last night. We up late last night watching the game while working, that's for sure.

"It's going to be fun to be back at home in front of our fans. We have been on the road quite a bit and finally have a little stretch here coming up. We are going to get a chance to be in front of the Dawg Pound and everybody else who comes out to watch our football team. We had a spirited practice today. Guys are outstanding. They have worked as normal – really hard and excited about the opportunity to come out and play. We are looking forward to it. We hope everybody will be there screaming, yelling because we need everybody to try to get this done."

On QB Josh McCown listed with full practice participation and if he will be active Sunday:

"He's definitely full practice, and we will see where he is as we go through the week. Good to have him out there. He has been out there the last few weeks throwing it around. He has definitely been medically cleared so we will just see how everything goes for the rest of the week and go from there."

On clarifying that McCown has been cleared to play:

"Medically cleared to play. Yes, he is."

On what he needs to see from McCown:

"It is called practice. He is going to go practice and we will see where we are. Things change, as you guys know, during the week. We will see how the week turns out as we go."

On if there is a chance that QB Cody Kessler could be cleared to play by Friday or Saturday:

"I think that is all premature. He is still in concussion protocol. I think it is hard to speculate on any of that until we know that for sure. We will work through that as we go."

On WR Corey Coleman practicing but not catching passes and if that is any indication that he is working his way back into playing:

"He is getting closer. He was limited today. He ran around, did some things, had shoulder pads on and doing a little football. We will know more about all these guys as we get closer to the end of the week. It is good just to have him out there running around again and being with his teammates."

On if there is a chance Coleman could play Sunday:

"More than likely not, but again, you just never know about these things. We will see it all as we get closer towards the end of the week."

On if McCown would give the team a boost if he is able to play Sunday, given his success against Baltimore:

"Obviously, I like any of our quarterbacks if they have the chance to play. What he did way back then was a long time ago. That is why I keep saying we have to work in practice and see where we are. He is a veteran player. He knows how to play and he knows our systems. Hopefully, if he is out there, it means he is the best guy standing right now. Will it be a boost? It is a boost just to have any of our quarterbacks playing right now. We will know more towards the end of the week here."

On how it is to execute practice without certainty on who will be active Sunday:

"It is tough, but we have been flexible all year. We have been through it. The team, myself and the coaches, we get it. It has just been part of our process – I can't use that word – just part of our stage. We are staying after it."

On if it is encouraging to have OL Cameron Erving back on the field:

"Absolutely. He is one of our starting players. It is very encouraging. Our medical staff has done a good job. He has, too. He is back out there, and we will continue to monitor where he is, but I think he is doing fine."

On if the Browns need to put together multiple gameplans for this week, given it is uncertain who will be available at QB:

"I have been doing that every week. When you ask that question, I think you know the answer to that one. That is just the way it has been. It has been unfortunate, but that is what we have done. The players have done a good job and the staff has done a good job that way."

On if the Browns are ruling out QB Cody Kessler for Sunday:

"No, I did not say that. Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, he could be out of concussion protocol. Friday, he could be out it so I am not saying that I am ruling him out. We will just kind of see as we go. You guys know these things are kind of tricky and it all depends on how the guys responds to light and all that. We will see as we move through the week."

On if Kessler could potentially play Sunday if he does not practice this week:

"Probably not, but I don't know that he can't practice all week. We will just see where that is as we continue to go through the week."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. was limited in practice as a precaution or if it is still due to his hamstring injury:

"I think it is as a precaution and a little bit of both. Those hamstrings are tricky. You just have to make sure you take care of it that way. I think he is and I think we are. Terrelle has done a great job. Last week, just being out there was again a credit to him because he did all the work. We will continue as a medical staff and he will continue to monitor it, too, I think he will be fine hopefully by the end of the week."

On OL Spencer Drango's performance at LG:

"He did some good things. HE is tough. He got hurt early in the game, went out for a play and came back really quickly. I really appreciate our guys, the want to, the drive. He is a young player. He is learning how to play. He is playing his first game with as many snaps as he has ever played. He is a battler. I'm glad he is here."

On Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who led New York to a win on Sunday:

"He is a veteran player. He knows how to play. You just said it, he led them to a win this past week. What I see is a guy that understands their system and knows what to do with the ball. Obviously, everybody wants to talk about the interceptions. That happens sometimes. People go through that. I think he has gotten himself back upright and playing and knows what to do and how to do it. He is a big challenge.

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