Hue Jackson press conference - 10/28


On how QB Josh McCown has looked this week and if he is ready to go:**

"Oh yeah, ready to go. Starting quarterback, he is the starting quarterback. I know you guys have been waiting on me to say that. Here it is."

On if McCown is excited to get a second chance:

"Oh, absolutely. He likes to play. Anytime you are a veteran player and playing as long as he has, you are excited about having the opportunity to go back out there with your teammates. The last time he played, obviously, we had a great chance to win the game and then obviously, he got hurt. He showed tremendous poise and toughness and played the game. Hopefully, we will go out and protect him and give him a chance to lead this team."

On what happened to DB Jamar Taylor, who was added to the injury report:

"What happened to Jamar? No, I think he will be fine."

On comments about his emphasis on McCown potentially saying 'uncle' when needed to protect the team:

"Absolutely, with all of our guys. I think it all makes more sense to them now. They have had to go through it to understand it. Hopefully, we will be more team protecting than anything. We do, we need them all out there. They do no good standing next to me. It is good to get him back and get him back out there playing. We are looking forward to watching him play."

On if DB Joe Haden will be able to play against the Jets:

"I feel good about it. I feel better about it this week than I did last week. I think we will have him out there."

On challenges facing the Jets run defense:

"Oh, a tremendous challenge. I will stay up late tonight and late tomorrow night. It is tough. They are good. We have to find a way to move the ball. As you guys know, we try any and everything. Whatever it takes to move the ball is what we will do. Our guys are prepared and flexible to do whatever we think it will take. I am looking forward to watching our guys play."

On McCown's presence under center changes how an opposing defense play the Browns:

"There is a book on Josh. Josh has been playing for a long time so I am sure they will play to what they think his strengths are and his weaknesses are. That is what they will look for. Everybody is a little different. (QB) Cody (Kessler) is a little different than Josh. (QB) Robert (Griffin III) is a little different than those two. That is just how it is in the National Football League. They will do whatever they feel they need to do to stop him. Coordinators are not interested in stopping the offense – it is stopping the quarterback. That is what this is all about."

On if having McCown at QB could possibly loosen up the run game:

"I hope so (laughter).* *I hope so but I just knowing this team a little and having watched them so much on tape, they are going to put everyone in there. I do not think they worry about that too much they are pretty good outside at corner. They feel good about their skill guys out there so they come attack you. That is good defensive football.

On if Kessler is still in the concussion protocol:

"Yes, he is."

On if the Browns hoped Kessler would get cleared to play for Sunday:

"I was hoping. I think you are always hoping to have all your guys back. I knew there could be a chance he might not make it so that was confirmed, and I get it." 

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