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Hue Jackson press conference - 10/4

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"Obviously, another opportunity and another week against a good opponent, a 2-2 team that obviously is doing a good job. Guys are working hard over there in New York just like we are here. Today, we are back on the grass. I think the guys are excited to be back here at home again in front of our fans. Looking forward to going back and playing some good football.

"On the injury front, (WR Kenny) Britt, (LB Jamie) Collins (Sr.), (DL Danny) Shelton, (TE Randall) Telfer and (OL Joe) Thomas did not participate today. (LB B.J.) Bello, (WR Sammie) Coates, (DL Myles) Garrett, (DL Jamie) Meder, (DB Jamar) Taylor were limited and (DB Derrick) Kindred and (OL Kevin) Zeitler were full. That is the medical report. For the most part, pretty healthy. I think we will still get some other guys back towards the end of the week. Looking forward to those guys getting back out there and practicing so they have an opportunity to play this weekend."

On how Garrett looked in practiced today and if he participated more than last week:

"Yes, he did. He did some better things today. We will see after practice just where that is and then kind of go from there."

On Garrett tweeting 'regresé' which translates to 'I'm back' in Spanish:

"That is good (laughter). I would like to see that tweet. No, he did some good things today. We will just keep assessing everything after practice and see exactly where he is and see if we can get him back out there tomorrow."

On NY Jets QB Josh McCown playing well and completing 70 percent of his passes:

"Yes he is. He is playing well. He is playing within their system, doing a great job of taking care of the football and directing their offense. They are running the ball. He is throwing it well. They are playing to his strengths. Josh is a good quarterback. You guys know how I feel about him so I am not surprised by anything he is doing. Very smart player, very heady player and I think those guys are following him. He is doing a good job."

On if he talks to QB DeShone Kizer about his stats:

"We don't get involved in numbers. We want to complete more balls, there is no question, but I try not to make it about numbers. I make it about playing, playing within what we are trying to accomplish and what we are doing. I think we all know that a quarterback is not just measured by numbers; it is by winning. We haven't done that part of it yet. That is the ultimate. We want better numbers because it allows the offense to stay out there more and make more plays. At the same time, I have been able to see and understand why the numbers, as you mentioned, have been the way they are."

On if Kizer's completion percentage would be acceptable when taking into account drops:

"Still not where it needs to be, not for where I want our quarterback to be. I do get that he is a young player, but I think we all know that it is a unit issue all the way around. Everybody has to do their part. Sometimes throwaways are the best medicine for a quarterback. I'm teaching him how to say 'uncle.' He did it last week. He has to continue to do that if things are not there. It is not about completion percentage. It is about running our offense, managing our offense and taking care of the football."

On if not yet making a game-changing play has had an effect on DB Jabrill Peppers:

"No. What do you guys want when you say that (laughter)? He has made some plays and some tackles. He has missed some. That is pro football. We have a system that we play in. He is doing what we are asking him to do. I know you guys are evaluating how deep he is. We are not evaluating how deep he is. We think he is doing some good things. Are there some things he needs to do better as a young player? Yes, but we think in his first year, he has done some things extremely well, and some things he has to continue to improve on."

On if he has taken a more active role on acquiring WRs with whom he has a history with like WR Rannell Hall:

"No, we work as an organization together. We are always bouncing things off of each other, and I'm glad that those guys are back. I'm glad that (WR Bryce) Treggs is here. I think he can help us. Our other guy who has been here is back. Rannell is back. It is good. It is good for our football team so that we have more guys to throw at, more guys to have opportunities to make some plays."

On WR Bryce Treggs:

"He has top-end speed. He has suddenness. He has quickness. I have always known that about him. I really like him."

On if he remembers recruiting Treggs' dad:

"A ton, but that is another story for another time (laughter)."

On if RB Isaiah Crowell is running how needed:

"He will. Anything that is going on with Isaiah, I take responsibility before. As I told you guys before, until we get this guy in a rhythm of running, it is unfair for anybody to question what he is doing. We have not been in a situation where we can hand this guy the ball the way I think you have to hand a back the ball. All of those questions can be directed at me. Until we are able to do that can I tell you exactly what it is. I believe in Isaiah Crowell. No question. I have to get this guy the ball handed to him, OK? We know Duke's skillset helps us in different areas, and I think that is what happens sometimes, but he can run the football."

On if more people would be recognizing RB Duke Johnson Jr.'s production if the team was having more success:

"They should. I think Duke is one of the best players on our team. He has made some tremendous plays. He has been one of the better playmakers on our offensive football team thus far. He has done some good things, and we have to continue to find ways for him to do more because he is very talented."

On why opponents haven't tested NY Jets rookie Ss Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye more often:

"They are good. They are good players. Adams and Maye, they are doing well for their football team. They have a lot of energy, good speed, tenacity. I think they like playing football. Adams is always around the football. He is a ballhawk. He wants to tackle everybody. He has done a good job for them, and I think they are coaching him well. Their staff has done a good job of putting those guys in position to make plays, and they have made a lot of plays for that football team."

On NY Jets LB Demario Davis being near the league leaders in tackles:

"Not surprised by anything Demario is doing. Demario is a really good player, really smart, studies the game, very bright. Another guy that elevates their football team, in my opinion, based on his knowledge of the game and the way he plays. That is going to be a tough deal for us this week. We have to block this guy. He is a load when he blitzes, and he comes quite a bit."

On if DL Danny Shelton could return from injury this week:

"There is a chance. Yes sir. We will see. I think the plan is to hopefully get him back for this week."

On if WR Kenny Britt will play this week despite his injuries:

"We will see. He is another one of those guys. We will see how that unfolds this week and how that goes."

On if Treggs can fill Britt's role:

"I don't want to get into that, but this guy is here because he can help our football team. I think he can play. I think he has some characteristics that I think we need. We will leave it at that and see where it goes."

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