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Hue Jackson press conference - 11/18

Opening statement:

"Alright, where is my man Jaden (winner of a Jr. Reporter experience through the Cleveland Browns Foundation Radiothon)? Oh, there you are. Jaden, you get to ask the first question today. I hope it is a good one. Alright, so you get to set this off today."

On QB Robert Griffin III's status, given reports he has been cleared for non-contact practice, and if he will play again this season:

"That is a good question there Jaden. He has definitely been cleared for practice without contact. There is a chance that things will work out. He still has to get and there is another procedure that he needs to go through medically to see for sure if he is totally OK, if the bone is healed totally properly, but he will have the opportunity to start practicing next week and go out there with his teammates and perform and do what he can do. There still will be one more medical hurdle for him to clear to be totally cleared to play. Good question."

On LB Jamie Collins Sr. having an immediate impact on the Browns defense and what that says about him:

"He is a really good football player. He is different in a sense that he knows how to play, not that our guys don't, it is just he is a different player. He is a tremendous athlete. He is smart. He is bright. Football is very important to him, and it says that – because he did, he walked in here and hit the ground running – he has played in two football games, and I think everybody can see the potential that he has. The more he is with us, the more he is with our coaches, the more he is with his teammates, the better he is going to be. He is versatile. He can play a lot of different spots so he gives us a lot of flexibility. To me, it would be a coup if we can keep him here."

On if there was a culture shock for Collins as he left a potential Super Bowl contender in the Patriots, given the Browns' record:

"It was my first phone call with him, I wanted to make sure we dealt with the elephant in the room. Normally, when you say things like that, you look for the response of the player. All he said was, 'Coach, this is business. I get it.' He goes, 'I'm excited about my opportunity in Cleveland. I am going to come there and give it everything I have,' and that is what he has done. He has done nothing less of that so I think he dealt with it himself personally before the phone call was ever made. Since he has been here, I don't think he has batted an eye. It has been let's go. He is trying to rally his teammates, and he is trying to do everything he can to help us win games, and there is no question about that."

On Griffin and if he could feasibly play in Week 12:

"I don't know that for sure, but he definitely has to have this test in order to move forward to take the noncontact part off of him."

On if Griffin's medical test is next week:

"I think it is next week. I don't know exactly what day, but I think it is next week at some point."

On Steelers WR Antonio Brown and what makes him so good:

"Magic. Obviously, I have competed against this guy a ton of times, even coaching on defense. He is just, he has an undeniable determination to play the game and to be the best on the field each and every week. He is trying to embarrass you, let's be honest. He walks out there and he wants to catch every football, and when you throw it to him, you almost believe that he can catch every football. When he drops one, I think everybody is really surprised. He is just that determined, plays with an unbelievable passion and a fire in his belly, and it shows by the way he plays. Stature, how big a guy is, how small a guy is, it doesn't matter because he is not the biggest guy in the world, but he is one of the best players I have ever seen."

On WR Corey Coleman and if he may return punts against the Steelers this weekend:

"We will see. Corey is getting himself totally back acclimated to the offense and doing those things first and foremost. I want to see him play receiver first before I even entertain sticking him back there. I want to see him play as well as he can play on our side of the ball. Obviously, (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) has done a great job, and I don't want to upset the apple cart back there. Could we see him before the year is out back there? Yes, we could, but right now, I want to really concentrate on him playing wide receiver."

On WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. stating that the long weekend really helped his hamstring and if that showed on the practice field this week:

"Yeah, he does. I think he is getting further removed from when he first got the injury to where he is today, and I think we have done a great job of managing it to make sure he is out there, and he has done a great job. He has been out there because he has wanted to be out there. I am talking about playing and practicing. Terrelle has not missed anything. Every now and then, we might back off of him a little bit, but he has been a trooper that way. He has done a great job."

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