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Hue Jackson press conference - 11/25


On how he is doing today:**

"I am super fantastic (laughter). I am good. Looking forward to playing a game on Sunday."

On if DB Ed Reynolds II's injury was sustained in practice this week:

 "Yeah, he did. He had a little incident in practice, but hopefully, he will be okay. I think he is working through it, and again, he will be fine."

On if he watches football on Thanksgiving:

"Yeah, I do. Yeah, get mad and start throwing things at the TV *(laughter). *Yeah, watched them all, every last one of them."

On what made him mad watching yesterday's games:

"Because I want to be where some of those teams are. That is the goal. When you watch Dallas doing what they are doing, that is the vision. That is what you see. I want to be in that situation with this organization with this team. Watching the team you played last week play another AFC team, you have thoughts about all of that. It was good to watch all the games and to see the outcomes."

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