Hue Jackson press conference - 11/3

Opening statement:

"First of all, hats off to the Indians. I know they didn't accomplish what they wanted to, but I know the city is very proud of that team. There is no question in my mind they will be back and doing it again, and next time, they will win it, in my mind. What a great year for them. It is tough because I am sure they wanted it to end a different way, as we all wanted it for them, but those things sometimes as we know do happen.

"Another good practice for us as we get ready for a big game this weekend against the Cowboys. I hope all of our fans are out there and are going to show up. We need you to show up and be loud. The Dawg Pound needs to get rocking. We have a big game against the Cowboys, a very good team, so we are looking forward to playing. Our guys are working extremely hard. I think they are excited about the challenge and the opportunity."

On if the Browns are ready to name a starting QB:

"No, not today. We are getting closer. It is practice. Both guys worked today and did a good job. By tomorrow, I am sure I will do that. I want to get with the medical staff and see exactly where we are and kind of go from there."

On if there have been any signs of difference in practice from QB Cody Kessler now compared to before his concussion:

"No. There is a little rust there, hasn't played. That is why practice is so important. Just want to feel good about giving our team the best chance to have success."

On OL Cameron Erving's status:

"He will be fine. I think he got a little bruised in practice. I think he will be fine."

On if Erving will be able to play Sunday:

"Yeah, I believe he will be fine for Sunday."

On what LB Christian Kirksey has shown this season, given he is making more plays on defense:

"He has done a great job. Kirko is one of those guys that came in and wanted to take his game to another level. He has done that. I commend (defensive coordinator) Coach (Ray) Horton and (inside linebackers coach) Johnny Holland. They have done a great job with him. He is playing at a high level right now. He has made a lot of plays and that is what we think he can do. He needs to continue to do that."

On evaluating LB Jamie Collins after his first two days of practice:

"Like him a lot. He is a good player. I think we all know that. Those kind of guys when they are on the field, they kind of raise everybody else's intensity and how you practice because the guy is a Pro Bowl player. He has been there and done it. I think our guys like being around him, like practicing with him and like being with him, and now, they have to go play with him. He has been fun to watch."

On if Collins will know enough of the defense to play significantly on Sunday:

"I think so. He is a very bright young man so he is really applied himself and is applying himself to learning exactly what we do and how we do it. I know him and (LB) Demario (Davis) and him and Christian and all those guys there are constantly talking because I am sure they want him to be out there with him."

On DL Carl Nassib playing without the club on his hand, if he is returning to form from before the injury and his next step:

"I think just going and taking the next jump, go play a tremendous game. We know he is a high-energy guy. He loves being out there. I think getting that off of his hand was huge for him from a psychological standpoint. Now, it is you play free with it. You know how it is, you have a cast on and you realize now I don't have it, you have a glove on and I can use it. I think he has gone through all of that process, but I think he feels good now. Hopefully, he will go out and play extremely well."

On how frustrating Nassib's ability to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage is to QBs:

"It is tough. You start looking for him a little bit, which you shouldn't because you know the hand is going to come up and it is going to come out of nowhere. He has done a good job of knocking balls down. Now, he needs to go start knocking quarterbacks down. If he does that, Coach Jackson will be extremely happy."

On how much of deflecting passes at the line of scrimmage comes down to instincts:

"A lot of it is instinctive. Some guys just have that ability to do that. I think he is one of them, but it is something we emphasize and something we probably need to emphasize more of making sure our hands are up. We need to get more batted balls if we can."

On if the Indians and Cavaliers success sparks the Browns' desire for wins even more, even though there is already a strong hunger:

"Absolutely, I do. I want all those people to have to fight for a ticket to get to our game. I mean that because we are doing what we are supposed to do, and that is the goal. That is the vision for it all is for it to have this be one of the hottest tickets in town. We have a lot of work to do to get there. We get that."

On WR Corey Coleman's practice week and if he is catching the ball well:

"Yes, he is. He has had a really good week. I think he is full go now. He is definitely full go. He did a great job of having a great practice today."

On anticipating Coleman having any rust, given he has missed multiple weeks:

"There could be, obviously, because he hasn't played a lot, but if I know Corey – one thing, I think the staff, our medical staff and our strength and conditioning staff did a great job of when he wasn't available to catch the ball, we kept him in it quite a bit. I saw him on numerous occasions on the other field running through the scripts and doing those things. Hopefully, it is a faster transition, but obviously, we won't know until he plays."

On if WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. was in practice today:

"Yes, he was."

On if Pryor had a turn for the best, given he did not practice yesterday:

"I didn't know that. I have always thought that he was going to be back out there. I don't think it was a 'turn for the best.' I think it was precautionary and we were going to watch him a little bit closer because it is a hamstring. It is something we have to be careful with."

On clarifying if Pryor may have a day off each week going forward:

"No, I just think it is the hamstring issue. I am not into that. I will probably do that for one guy and one guy only. We need to practice if we are going to be a good team. We have to practice to be good. We like to have all of our guys out there working."

On Pryor stating Coleman's return could help free him up:

"I learned a long time ago you have to free yourself up. You have to get loose. That is just part of it. That is his job description. Corey will deal with that. He has dealt with it. They have to shake their own selves loose a little bit."

On if it is reasonable to believe Coleman's return could open some things up on offense:

"Oh yeah. I think we all know Corey is a tremendous talent. He can help us in a lot of different areas. He can help the passing game and he can help the running game because of his ability. He has to go put it on the field. If he does, it will help our football team tremendously."

On if the Browns could play both QB Cody Kessler and QB Josh McCown, given both are healthy and the team has not yet named a starter:

"I haven't really thought through it that way. Obviously, somebody has to trot out there first. Normally, when I start a guy, I kind of stick with him and let him play. I think that is important, unless we go into all these other – I think you guys term it Wildcat and all that stuff. No, normally we will play one guy and do what we need to do to move the ball."

On if Coleman will be available as a punt returner or if the team wants to give him time to return fully at receiver first:

"I probably want to give him a little time. I think we need to play him on offense first and work him back into that as we go."

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