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Hue Jackson press conference - 6/8

Opening statement:

"I hope the Cavs can go get it tonight. No, [I won't be at the game]. I've got too much football to look at tonight.

"It was an opportunity for our group to go back out for the second day of mandatory minicamp. Our guys are giving me everything they have. We're practicing a lot of different situations so that our team understands situational football and just how easy it is to lose a game if you don't understand how to deal with the different situations. We put them in a lot of different situations today, taught them some things about the game, had some teaching moments which I think is very important, as well. The most important thing is that we are trying to expose our team to any and everything that can happen in a football game so that when it does happen, we have a lot of poise, that we have kind of have rehearsed it a little bit so that when we deal with those things, we move forward. We know that winning these games in the National Football League comes down to that. It comes down to who can take the ball away from the other team's offense, who can keep the ball, as far as our offense is concerned, who can play great special teams and who can eliminate the self-inflicted wounds that happen to football teams. We are going to work at that each and every day, and we'll continue to do that that through training camp until it is time for us to really play a game and test it. Our guys are doing well."

On when in the year a coach knows if a team is talented enough to succeed:

"Obviously, once we start playing real games, you have a pretty good feel. There's no question. I'm going to have a feel. I think you're right. I know what good football players look like, what they play like, what they act like, how they work. I feel very comfortable and confident with where we are right now. As we all know, this is just the start of our team. What the team is going to be once we get to September, no one knows that. Right now, there are a lot of things that can happen between now and then. The core of the team, you're right, is here. I feel good in some areas. I feel some areas we need to continue to keep improving as players. We can get better. There are a lot of players here that I still think can take another step through the summer, through the offseason, through training camp in order to get themselves to where they need to be for the season. That's a good question, but at the same time, we got a real good nucleus of men that's going to have an opportunity to represent this organization well."

On his stance on fights during practice:

"I'm not for fighting. You can't fight in the game. With the new rule, if anything happens like that, you can be kicked out of the game. You get two personal foul penalties, you're out. It was a teaching moment for our football team. We'll leave it at that. Men are going to be men. Sometimes those things happen. It wasn't a fight. It was just a conversation that got a little rowdy. We were able to get it slowed down. Those guys, they're competing. Things happen like that sometimes. We'll always talk about those things. We're not going to play the Cleveland Browns this year. We'll play the opponent. I think our guys understand that."

On if he's comfortable with OL Joe Thomas taking days off and the schedule he's inherited from previous coaching staffs:

"Very [comfortable] because I understand it and know exactly what it is. It's a little different than what everybody thinks. Joe has done a tremendous job here, and Joe would be the first to tell you that there are certain things that he knows that I expect from him, and he's done them all. The beautiful part is he's here every day. He doesn't have to be. I know in this guy's nine years – doesn't miss much of anything.  My job is to make sure that he can get to the game and play as well as he can play but making sure that he is prepared to play and has done enough work. I will feel very comfortable with that. It's not so much that I inherited his schedule; it's that I have inherited a really good player. I know exactly and he knows exactly what it is he needs to do. I'm very comfortable with our medical staff, our strength and conditioning staff of our conversations about how to get him to where he needs to be so he can play great."

On if QB Robert Griffin III is actively trying to 'win over' teammates with his work ethic to erase any perceptions that may have preceded his time with the Browns:

"I don't look at it as winning over teammates or if he's even worried about a perception. I think what he's trying to do is be the best football player he can be. I think he understands our environment and what our expectations are. I don't think it has anything to do with his past. The past is just that. It's the past. I think he's building a great future for himself. I think he's understanding and taking the thought process of the demands it takes to play the position so that he's prepared to play. Kudos to him. He's done a great job."

On how Griffin has been received by his Browns teammates:

"It's been great. I haven't noticed any issues with Robert, and I wouldn't anticipate there would be. From a long time ago, from our first conversations to now, he's been – I've said it before – outstanding. He's growing each and every day. I'm sure you guys see it on the football field. The guy, he's getting better. I think a lot of our players are getting better, not just him, but I think around our football team. That's what we try to do as coaches – try to get each and every player that's here the best we can get them to give ourselves a chance to have success."

On if Griffin can succeed as a pocket passer:

"Robert can do whatever we ask him to do. He's demonstrating that every day. He's getting better at some things. There are always things that players, Robert, everybody, can get better at each and every day. He's chasing those things to get better at them. I don't have any reservations of anything in our offense that he can't do. Are there some things he does better, right today, and I think he'll be better at some things by the time we get to training camp? There's no question. That's every football player's charge, across the National Football League. He's done well. I know every day, like I said when I come in here it's really about him, I get it, but we have some other quarterbacks and other receivers and linemen and defense and special teams that I think they're all getting better. That's really the focus of our football team right now."

Wednesday marked the second day of the team's mandatory veterans' minicamp.

On perception that QB Josh McCown is throwing the ball the best among the Browns QBs:

"You're entitled to your opinion. I respect your opinion. My opinion is I think all of our quarterbacks are throwing the ball pretty well. I think all of our quarterbacks have improved. I would expect Josh to throw the ball as well as he does. He's been playing football in this league for a long time, but I also watched Robert throw the ball really well. I watched (QB) Austin (Davis) throw the ball really well. I've seen some plays that (QB) Cody (Kessler) made that were pretty well. I know we get so focused in on certain things that guys are doing, but as a whole, I watch our football team. I watch the player as a whole. It's not just one throw. It's every throw. We're evaluating each and everything they do. All the guys are spinning the ball pretty good. They've gotten better. I think they're getting used to what my expectation is, how to play the position the way I see it through my eyes. (Associate head coach – offense) Pep has (Hamilton) done a great job of preparing these guys each and every day. They've come out and done a great job of accepting the challenge."

On how to evaluate players in practice at 50 percent speed:

"50 percent speed? I didn't see that. That's new for me. That's a new one. The player's probably wouldn't like to hear you say that."

On how he evaluates practice when the offense is not competing with a live defense:

"We have the same issue as the 31 other teams. That's the rules. There are so many different ways of evaluating. The situational football part of it, the fundamentals and techniques we asked our players to do on a consistent basis – there are so many other ways of evaluating a player. When I do watch the team situation, it's full speed as fast as they can go without taking anybody to the ground. They do go very fast and very hard, and probably if we're slowed down, it's probably a teaching session because I don't go very slowly around here. We kind of go. We'll kind of always be that way because that's just the only way to be good. Players have to play at a full-speed pace and guys have to execute at a full-speed pace. There's just no other way."

On if K Travis Coons will be out for an extended period of time with an injury:

"No, he won't be out for an extended period of time. Obviously, sometimes guys get a little tweak, and as I tell you, we take care of guys and try to make sure they're OK. He's done a great job. He was out here the other day kicking. If a guy has something, we want to make sure that we get it behind us. That's just how we go about it. It's been good."

On if he expects a more veteran QB group to help develop a young class of WRs:

"The great quarterbacks in the National Football League, they mold the offensive football team. Not just the receivers, they mold the team. They mold the group. That's one of the hats. You guys ask me things I'm looking for. That's another one of the prerequisites for playing quarterback for us. That guy is kind of the Pied Piper for a little bit of everything. Yeah, I expect that room to take receivers – whether old, young, whatever that it is – and show them exactly how we do it because that's their responsibility."

On how the WRs have performed:

"I think they've done a good job. I think we've seen (WR) Corey Coleman get better over the last several days. Obviously, (WR) Marlon Moore's making plays all over the place. (WR) Terrelle Pryor is making plays. (WR Andrew) Hawkins is Hawk. He's making plays. All those guys accepted the challenge. It is a quarterback-driven system for us, and it is about the quarterback making sure that these guys function at a high level all the time for them."

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