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Hue Jackson press conference - 7/29

"First day. Some of the things that happened I anticipated a little bit. As an offense, we have got to do a better job of taking care of the ball. Obviously, the defense did a great job of getting it out. That is going to be one of the things that I preach to our football team about. It's one of the keys to victory. On defense, we have got to take the ball away. On offense, we can't give it away. Overall, it was a good start. We had a couple of guys that exited because of cramps and those kind of things. It got a little humid out here, but it was kind of fun for me just to have our guys be in the elements because we have to be a football team that can play in all different types of elements, whether it's rain, snow, mud. Whatever it is, we have to be able to rise to the occasion and go play. Sometimes when a little adversity happens – you know we started outside, had to go in, come back out – guys have got to re-find themselves a little bit. I thought we did, but I thought it was a good overall first day. It wasn't a great first day, but an overall good first day. What I'm anticipating is when our guys come out tomorrow, chomping at the bit, to get after it on Day 2. We have got a long way to go. I's just the start, but I was excited about our guys' energy. Again, it started yesterday with the conditioning test. I thought our guys did a great job, and then it kind of came over to the first day of practice. We have got a long way to go, but I'm excited about the group and I think they'll work their tails off."

On the pace of practice:

"I thought they did a good job. We want it to even be quicker. It is just kind of who we are and how we go about it. I thought the quarterbacks handled all of the different things that I kind of threw at them the first installation, pretty good. Tonight, we have got to go get another installation. We just keep throwing all this good stuff at them. Then, we have got to put it together and see where we are in a few weeks."

On DB Joe Haden, his injury progress and if he'll be ready for the season opener:

"No question, I know he'll be ready. He's progressed really well, and I think we are doing the right thing. (Head Athletic Trainer) Joe Sheehan and our medical staff are as good as they are. They've done a tremendous job of getting him to this point. Obviously, I think you guys have seen him run in the conditioning test, and that tells you he's very close. We are going to do the right thing and take our time because Joe is very valuable to our football team. He's one of the keys to us having an opportunity to win. He'll have an opportunity, hopefully, in the preseason to play, but I know for a fact, that he will be out there getting ready to play in the opening game."

On if LB Emmanuel Ogbah has switched to DL:

"We're going to try a little bit of everything. We're going to put our best players out there on defense. Obviously, we are going to try him there. We're going to put him back at outside linebacker. We're just trying to find a lot of different combinations now that (DL) Des (Bryant) is going to be down to see if we can put our best guys out there. If he gives us something there, then it's going to help our football team. We're going to try anything and everything that we can to give guys opportunities that showcase their abilities and talents."

On the QB situation, considering QB Josh McCown did not take as many reps today while younger QBs received the lion's share:

"I think we all recognize and understand that Josh is an older quarterback. He's done it for a while. I think the younger guys need to get the lion's share. I don't think Josh needs to take a ton of reps. I think he knows how to do it, what to do, and that's one of the luxuries we have with the veteran presence that he has. We'll just keep building the other guys up and give them opportunities. Again, today worked out that way. Tomorrow might work out a little bit different. It's just how it goes sometimes."

On QB Robert Griffin III mentioning the need to play freely and if he gave that message to Griffin:

"Absolutely, I think all football players have to be who they are and just play. It's still a child's game, as they say, and you have to kind of play that way. It's kind of like a backyard mentality a little bit, but it's also discipline because, again, we can't turn the ball over or do things that are going to hurt our football team, but at the same time, they have to really enjoy what they're doing, just like I enjoy coaching and our coaches enjoy coaching. We love what we do and I hope our players do too."

On Griffin stating he was the same athlete physically that he was three years ago:

"No question."

On if Griffin needs to run and showcase his athleticism as well as he did three years ago:

"Yeah. Oh yeah, he does (laughter) because if one of those times it's going to happen then we'd like to see him go get one. He is [as athletic.] I know people have questioned where he is physically. I don't see that. I think he's still Robert Griffin, the same guy that came out in 2012 but just wiser. He's been through a lot of different systems and a lot of different things, and I think he's growing by leaps and bounds. We still have a ways to go."

On Ogbah transition from a 4-3 DE to a 3-4 LB:

"It's still playing defensive end. The difference is you're probably closer to the tight end, which he's done some of that so I don't think it's really huge. I think the young man just wants to play. At the end of the day, he's a big physical guy with a lot of gifted talent. We have some tremendous coaches so I think whatever we think his skillset will help our football team, that's what we're going to use."

On whether or not Ogbah played DE during minicamp before DL Desmond Bryant's injury:

"We did not. He played outside linebacker during that time. We're going to play him at defensive end some and take a good look at him. As you guys know, this time of the year is evaluation time for all of our football team. Now, you can do some of that. Move guys around and see what's the best fit for our football team to help us win."

On if Ogbah is experimenting with DE because he's having trouble dropping into coverage as an OLB:

"Oh no, I promise you that's not what it is at all – at all. As a matter of fact, really it might give us some flexibility that way because he did do it all spring, that if he is playing defensive end there are some other packages that we give (defensive coordinator) Coach Ray Horton – the mad scientist that comes up with all this stuff – where we can drop Ogbah off from a lot of different places. I'm excited about the possibility. It's early, the first day in camp. We're just trying to get a feel for things that he can do to help our team."

On what Browns players showed the hard work they put in during their time off via their play in camp today:

"I think all of our guys. I see it with all of our guys. Even though there was the turnover piece that I was not as happy about, what I saw is still a group of men who are further along than where they were when we first had them in the spring. That's improvement and that's what you look for. What we have to do is just keep our head down and keep stacking good days on top of good days. When things – which they will, this is football – sometimes won't go as right, then us as coaches have to corral them and get them going back on the straight and narrow. I think our guys are further along. I think they understand the expectation every day. I think they've worked extremely hard, but that just gives them an opportunity. We want to get there as fast as we can get there to being a good football team, and we're going to keep working at it."

On what DB Justin Gilbert showed on the field today:

"I see a guy that came back ready to play. He made a couple tremendous plays and breaks on balls, but he's been – again, when I don't have to mention him, that's a good thing, right? He's doing outstanding to me. I ran into him last night in the hallway and he's got pillows and fans and all kinds of stuff so I kind of helped him take some of that stuff up, but he's got it all so he can sleep. He's done a good job. I'm really proud of him. I'm proud of him coming back and being ready to play and excited about what his future is here."

On if he institutes a social media policy for the team:

"Yes, I do. I guess that's what I was most disappointed about because we talk about it all the time. I just think… I don't think anything good comes on social media, personally. I think the guys will be the first to tell you we've talked about that, tremendously. I know where the question's coming from is with Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell), but I'll be the first to tell you, like I said yesterday, I know without a question that that was a true mistake."

On details on the social media policy:

"I'm not going to take it away from them, but I think that there's a way for them to use it for them. It's not a place where you voice your personal opinion about something. I think it's a place where you build your brand if you handle it the right way. I know people, friends check in here and there with their families and loved ones and all that. I'm not going to stop that. I think that there's a way to use it in a positive way. We just don't want to use it in a negative way and we talk about that tremendously. Obviously, PJB (vice president, communications Peter John-Baptiste) and his group they've done a great job of having our guys understand the pitfalls in this. Obviously, this was a great lesson. This is a huge teaching moment for our football team and it was very painful, but we'll all learn from it and grow from it."

On Browns fans not being able to attend today's practice due to inclement weather:

"Yeah, I heard about that. I wish I could talk to Mother Nature and have it do differently, but it was exciting to come out and see quite a few fans here. It was a safety issue and I respect that. It's really about making sure our fans are OK at the end of the day. That's something that I know is really, really important to our organization and making sure our fans have a great experience and taking care of them. I get it. Hopefully, they'll be back out here tomorrow because we'll sure be back out here tomorrow."

On working with RB Terrell Watson in Cincinnati and if he's going to surprise people here:

"He has the ability to. Again, we have some talented running backs back there, and he's very talented, too. This is an opportunity for him to compete and see where he fits. We evaluate him just like we do everybody else and see where he is."

On OL John Greco's status:

"Hopefully soon. I've said before, guys that have little things here and there we're going to do everything we can to take our time. Putting guys out here healthy and making sure guys can practice over a duration of time is important. I think we'll be fine. I think he's just working through some things and we'll get him back out here soon."

On his message to Browns fans as a sign that things will be different this season:

"At the end of the day, I hope they come out here and see how we work. I don't have anything to compare with what the past has been and I don't like to compare. I just know that this group is going to work extremely hard. I think they're committed to doing everything that they can do to give us the best opportunity to win. Again, it's just hard work. We're going to put our head down and come out here and practice hard and then prepare hard and work our process and give us the best opportunity to win. I know that our staff and our players are going to do that and that's pretty important to me."

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