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Hue Jackson press conference - 7/30


On if today's practice was a back and forth between the Browns offense and defense as the defense collected a few sacks and the offense scored in the red zone:**

"Yeah, I thought it was good work. Obviously, we don't want the sacks. I want the defense to get more turnovers. I want the offense not to give up the sacks and take care of the ball better and all that. The installation of another phase – two minute, getting in the scoring zone, doing some things – I thought it was good. After coming off of yesterday with the pads on, guys being a little sore, little frustrated with things, you know how that stuff goes. The guys did a good job. My goal was, as I told you guys, to get this team through these practices pretty healthy. There have been reports and data and all that stuff that three days of running like this, all of the sudden, that is when all the pulls and all the soft tissue injuries happen so my goal today was really take care of them. I knew we would because of the two minute and the scoring zone, but then making them get in these ice tubs as a football team, hopefully, that will help with recovery better so that we can miss some of the soft tissue issues."

On if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams called different plays to create pressure on the QB today:

"They are in Day 4 of their installation so there were some different things but things we can pick up, too, don't get me wrong and things we have to see a little bit better, communicate a little bit better, but I anticipate a little bit of that. We will have a good discussion tonight and get those things ironed out."

On if OL Shon Coleman is getting enough reps at RT, given his reps at LT when OL Joe Thomas is not on the line:

"He is getting enough. Yes, he is. He can play. He has done a good job, him and (OL) Cam (Erving) both. Those guys have done a really good job, and we have to find out if one of those guys can play left tackle for the future, too. I think they both have demonstrated that they can do it, and right now, I feel good about them both."

On how much he improvises during practice:

"Quite a bit. I just have paper in my hand. That doesn't mean that is what is getting called off that script. When you go against Gregg, things change very quickly. Today, there was a different style of defense. There was a Bear package that was in today. A lot different. You can't run the ball against that so there are certain things that we do, not that we can't, there are just certain other things you need to do to have success when you face that kind of defense."

On if seventh-round selection RB Matthew Dayes has a chip on his shoulder and if he feeds into that:

"I like that. He has a chip on his shoulder. I don't [feed into that]. I think the kid does. I think he is disappointed in that way that he didn't get picked earlier, but he is demonstrating out here on the field the talent that he has. He has had a great camp so far." 

On evaluating the QB play when practicing situational football without WRs Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt practicing:

"I think you have to because there might be times when you don't have those guys. You still have to make plays. You still have to be able to put the ball in the end zone and find a way to get your offense executed. We will evaluate this tape just as hard as we would if those other guys were there." 

On if he was pleased with the throws that resulted in scores during the red zone session:

"Some. We left some others out there. We have to learn to use everybody's length. A couple of throws (QB) DeShone (Kizer) had, he could have used the guy's size to his advantage. That is a learning thing, which is a good thing to find out so guys understand that they have to play big that way. There was a lot of good things today and there are a few things that we have to continue to work on, but it is Sunday – it is the Lord's today, right? (laughter). *Our players understand that. We had chapel and mass this morning, too (laughter*). The guys are doing a good job. I am proud of our football team. We just have to keep working. We understand that it is just four days. We just have to keep working. I'm just trying not to make too big of where we are. We just have a lot of work to do as a football team. Having the live periods is really good for our football team right now because we see where we are. We see where we are as coaches, we see where we are as players and we know where we need to get to."

On if QB Cody Kessler is holding onto the ball too long after being sacked three times in a team period:

"I have to look at the tape and see before I draw any conclusions that way. I'm sure it is a combination of everything. We just have to do it better. We have to do those things better."

On if QB Brock Osweiler's success at during the red zone portion of practice is specifically due to his experience:

"No, I do not think so. He just made the plays that were there. I think Cody made some plays that were there. DeShone (Kizer) did, too, and Kevin (Hogan) did, too. We just have got to make those plays consistently. That is an element that we did not have a year ago. We just got to make them when they are there because they will be there. When they are there, you have to make them. They go away really quickly. If you do not hit it when it is there, then it closes up really fast."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

"He is doing sensationally. We ask a lot of Duke. Duke is doing a lot of things for us. He is a terrific football player. Glad he is a part of our organization and team. He is very valuable to what we do."

On the possibility of Johnson playing in the slot:

"He is going to do everything."

On if Johnson goes to the WR meetings:

"No, he stays with me. He is with me all of the time."

On Johnson's versatility offensively:

"Like I said, he is just doing everything, honestly. He can catch out of the backfield. He runs the ball. We line him up in different places where we can get an advantage with him. He is a weapon for us. We are just trying to use him as much as we can, and we do. He has to bounce around to a lot of different rooms. That is why I said we ask a lot of him. He has responded well."

On DB Ed Reynolds II's injury status:

"He is going to miss some significant time. Obviously, it is a knee issue. We will know more about it as we continue forward. He is going to be out for a little while."

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