Hue Jackson press conference - 7/31


On how the QBs looked today in situational football team periods:**

"Anytime you don't turn the ball over, that is good, but obviously, there were some things we have to get better at. Our defense did a great job at the goal line, and anytime you play (defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams at the goal line and you try to run it every play, it is not good for your health. It is good for our football team. That is how you build a tough defensive unit. That part of it was good, and our guys got after it. I would like to see the offense get the ball in [the end zone] a little bit more, but that is part of it. Like I said, when you play that style of defense, it was rough down there so kudos to them. The offense battled back in the scoring zone area and did some good things and our defense was just playing some real vanilla coverage, which was good so there were some things there we can grow from. That two-minute situation was a situation that came up at the end. I have a guy (football research analyst) Dave Giuliani who does a great job for me, just talking through situational things that can happen. We were able to discuss those things. A real live situation that would come up in a game really came up. It was good to get through those things for our football team, for the quarterbacks so they can think through it, go through it. It was a lot of good situational work for our football team. We are growing and we are getting better, but we are nowhere close to where want to be yet."

On if not having the full starting OL practicing today factored into difficulties at the goal line today:

"No, I have had all my offensive line before going against (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) and that situation is different because of the style we play. Obviously, they play a little different style than most down there. Sometimes running the ball may not be the best, whether those guys were in there or not. Our defense did a good job."

On if the Browns were stingy about crediting DL Myles Garrett with sacks during team periods:

"Yeah, absolutely. I am not giving him free sacks that he wants (laughter). No, obviously, he is doing a good job. He is rushing the passer. He has turned it up a little bit. He is in much better shape. He understands what we are expecting of him to do and he is doing it so that is what you are seeing. You are seeing a young player that is starting to get better and better and better within our scheme."

On QB Cody Kessler's check-down pass on fourth-and-long during the two-minute drill:

"To me, the dump is not what bothered me. (TE Randall) Telfer understands you have to try to get all that you can. You can run around and all of a sudden fumble the ball and get hit. Cody understood, 'I'm going to try to buy as much time as I can, but I see an open guy.' Randall has to understand we are going to catch it and get everything we can. You don't know. You might break a tackle. Good things can happen. Yes, it was fourth down. We will grow from all of those different things that happened."

On QB DeShone Kizer's mobility and rushing for two TDs:

"He has the skillset. We try to showcase all of those guys' talents and abilities. There are some things that he can do that may be a little different, and we will give him an opportunity to do those things."

On reminding the defense to keep Kizer upright:

"He looks like a different color jersey so our defense just thinks hit everybody (laughter). We need to take care of our quarterbacks. The one time I don't think they were trying to get him at all. Those things happen from time to time, but we are fine."

On evaluating the QBs at this point in camp:

"Just still evaluating. Just watching and looking. I will go back and watch all of the tape tomorrow. Obviously, I have seen it all, but I will go back and watch it again just to see where we are. Guys have done some good things. Obviously, we are closer to making decisions than we are not as you keep going every day. I have seen some good things from our guys. I have seen some things we have to keep improving at. Once we can get a whole unit out there playing, I will feel much better. We are making progress. It is Day 5 into this situation, and we are going to just keep working."

On if it is too early to adjust the QB rotation:

"It is. I am probably not looking at it from that standpoint yet. I probably want to go through the scrimmage on Friday and then kind of see where we are from there. Guys are battling and competing. They are doing some good things. The thing I'm most pleased about is the ball isn't going to the other team a lot. That is what gives you a chance. If we play good defense, are able to run the football, take care of the ball and get turnovers on defense, then good things can happen. We are not a finished product, but I think we are working towards the goal."

On DL Danny Shelton's role on the defensive line in the Browns' new defense:

"He is doing well. Danny is one of our better players. As I said before, I expect those things from Danny. He has had a good camp. He has to continue to harness his temper. Danny is still Danny, but we love him for being that kind of Danny. We need that kind of Danny, too, but he has done a good job."

On Shelton's physical transformation this offseason:

"He has. He has lost body fat. He has done a good job. He has to be able to play harder longer. That is what he is trying to do so that he can stay out there and be able to make more plays for our football team."

On if Kizer is still not ready to start:

"I think it is still too early. We will know. We put in a lot of football. We still have a lot of football we are putting in. That is why I said hopefully by Friday the installs for what we are doing are going be in. We have a game a week from then. For the most part, after Friday, after I get a feel for where we are, I will know more about the whole group. You have to get through all the installs first and get the offense in and make sure they know what we are trying to accomplish and kind of go from there."

On if RB Duke Johnson Jr. attends all the meetings with him, based on his comments yesterday and Johnson's quotes today:

"(Laughter) I was kidding with you."

On Johnson not telling the media that it was a joke by Jackson:

"Yeah, he's not supposed to – that's his job (laughter). No, Duke is a very bright and smart football player. He spends a lot of time in a lot of different rooms is the way I would put it so he can be able to prepare to do what we are asking him to do. He has done a good job. He has handled that stuff well. Hopefully, we can give him a chance to be what he can be."

On if TE David Njoku needs to be more consistent:

"Yes, absolutely. We just have to fight through it. He just has to make those plays. He gets it. Trust me, he doesn't want to drop the ball. Obviously, it happens so we have to continue to work on. He has to continue to get better at. The good thing is that he is getting open in those situations. Now, he has to finish the play. We will keep working on that and work through it."

On if the Browns will discuss adjusting QBs more reps tomorrow or if it is too early:

"No, I may adjust that part of it because again, I will look at all the practice schedules that are left before we play Friday. It is not just the quarterback position; it is everywhere. Some guys may need more reps. Some guys might need to do more things. We will have that discussion, no doubt."

On DL Caleb Brantley's status:

"Yeah, he has a broken finger. He will be out for a week or two or week and a half or two. We will get him back out. Nothing major. Those things happen. Your hand gets caught in something or something like that. Those things happen."

On if Brantley had surgery on his finger:

"Yes, he did."

On if DL Trevon Coley working with the first team is a new development:

"No, the way we kind of do it on defense is you earn your keep. He is playing well. We will keep giving guys opportunities. If you demonstrate on our football team that you have the skill and you can help us win, we are going to give you an opportunity to be out there."

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