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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/12

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"Are you guys in a good mood? Because I am not (laughter). Let's just get this over with as fast as we can."

On what is wrong:

"It's practice on a Saturday. That's all it is (laughter). Sometimes it gets that way. How are we doing?"

On if taking OL Joel Bitonio and DL Myles Garrett out of practice following penalties was because of having too many penalties on Thursday:

"Absolutely, we can't do that. We can't hurt our team. It is something we talked about as a staff and as a football team, and we are going to do that better."

On if he told Bitonio to run a lap around the field following the penalty:

"Yes, I did."

On the QB rotation:

"It is training camp. We are in training camp mode. That game is over with and back to training camp mode. We are practicing – practicing. It is too early to name a quarterback. We will see how that goes."

On interceptions in practice:

"Pissed me off. Keep going."

On balancing the evaluation of QBs' play during games with practices:

"That is a game. We are back to practice today so it is still learning, evaluating, pushing, prodding.  I know those things happen but just like any coach, I don't want interceptions. I want our defense to get them, but I don't want the quarterbacks to throw them. Let's get somebody on the sideline and let them throw them."

On WR Corey Coleman making a few nice catches today:

"He needs to. He has got to keep getting better. That's what he is doing. He is working hard and trying to get better."

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