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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/14

On where OL Joe Thomas was during practice:

"Joe Thomas is inside. He just had a little flare up of his back. He'll be fine."

On WR Terrelle Pryor's status:

"He'll be fine. He'll be fine."

On if Pryor will just have to deal with soreness in his hand:

"Yeah. We're all sore. I'm sore. Everybody is a little sore right now. He'll be alright."

On if he's aware of Thomas' consecutive play streak and that he's never missing a snap, given he was not at practice today:

"He's not going to. Things happen sometimes. As I've said, I'm always going to be protective of our guys. He'll be fine. I'm not worried about Joe."

On WR Josh Gordon's status and when he'll return to practice:

"Getting close. Very close. Hope to see him soon, and I think we will."

On if there is any concern about Gordon's condition after limited practice reps:

"No, I don't think it will be about conditioning. There's been a process that we've put in place to get him to where he needs to be overall, not just the conditioning, not just this or that. It's encompassing everything to make sure that when he is out here, he's out here for the time he's here – obviously, we know he won't be around for the first four weeks – and then making sure that after that time he'll be where he needs to be when he's able to get back."

On if there is a chance Gordon could play Thursday:

"That is to be determined."

On if Gordon and WR Corey Coleman participating in today's walkthrough is a precursor to both playing in practice tomorrow:

"I'm going to talk to our doctors when we're done. They're closer to being out there than they are further away. Obviously, Josh has been out for quite a while, Corey has been out for quite a while and I think those guys are closer to being back out with their teammates."

On if the quad injury has prevented Gordon from cardiovascular workouts:

"No, that's what I'm saying. I think our process has gotten him where he needs to be. Like I said, he's very close to being out there with his teammates."

On if Gordon will lose additional weight when he returns to practice:

"I think some of its come off already. I can't give you the number but it has come off. He's working hard. He is just a big man. He is a big man, and we'll get him to where he needs to be. I feel good about that."

On if the rookie WRs still have work to do to increase their snaps:

"Yeah. Obviously, I think I need to do a better job of making sure they're out there a little sooner, but again, the game kind of dictated otherwise. They didn't have a lot of plays in the first half and didn't have really, truly a lot in the second half. We hope to have more snaps so those guys can go out and compete a little more."

On if the Browns need to sign another QB to add another arm to get through training camp:

"No, I think we're OK. I don't think that is needed at this point."

On describing what made LB Emmanuel Ogbah's performance impressive and his overall versatility:

"He played hard. Our young players, him and (DL) Carl Nassib, both played extremely hard. They got after it the way you like to see young guys perform in the first preseason game. The fun part about watching him is he got tired at one time. I could tell he was very tired, and the next thing he is chasing the quarterback towards the sideline and getting him down. That's impressive to me. That's the way you have to play. That's going to be Cleveland Browns football here in the near future. We all have to play that way. It's going to be rough, tough, tired, hot, whatever all that is. He has got a find a way to go make a play and that's what he did."

On if Ogbah changing positions slowed down his development:

"I don't think that slowed him down. No, I think he's done a good job because like you said, he's been playing both [defensive line and linebacker], so I think it's really helped him more than anything. Those young guys played a lot of snaps the other night, which is good."

On DB K'Waun Williams being excused from the game and not participating in practice today:

"Personal matter. We'll leave it at that."

On DL John Hughes III not being with the team:

"Personal matter. We'll leave it at that."

On LB Barkevious Mingo's performance at ILB against the Packers:

"He did OK. He did some good things, but again, he has to keep improving. It's a little different for him – he's done it some – but I think it's a little different, the game is a little different in there than being on the edge and just rushing, but he has to keep improving. We all have to keep improving. Our team has to keep improving. That's what we're here for."

On if Mingo will move to ILB permanently:

"We're just mixing and matching as you guys know, trying to find the best spots for all of our guys so they can contribute to our team."

On if Gordon has previously participated in walkthroughs or if that was new today:

"That has been going on. He's been out there so that wasn't new. He has been doing more things, more and more and more each week. As I said, I think he's getting close. We'll put him out there when he's ready."

On if the Browns plan for DB Joe Haden to pay on Thursday:

"No, that is not my plan right now. I'm going to go a really slow with him and just make sure he's ready. Hopefully, at some time, we'll play him before we get to the regular season. We have three more [games] left so we'll find one that I think is suitable, along with our medical staff, that we think is best for him."

On if Browns players' reps on Thursday will be affected by the trip to Tampa Bay for joint practices the following week:

"No, no it won't. I think we need to play. I think it was obvious last week that we need to continue to get better. We're going to play so that we can accomplish the things that we set out to accomplish as a football team this week and then we'll get to Tampa Bay after that week."

On if the Browns feel solid about having joint practices in Tampa Bay, given some players are 'banged up' now:

"Everybody has a number of guys that are banged up. That's just training camp. That's just the way it goes. We talked about it as a team today. No one is going to feel sorry for us because we have a few guys down. That's the National Football League this time of year. You get those things. You hate it, but we need to fight through it because it could be the way the season goes. We have to prepare for all of that. We're going to do what we do this week. We're going to get ready, and then after that, we'll get ready for Tampa Bay."

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