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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/15


On how nice it was to have WR Josh Gordon back on the field:**

"It was great. It was great. It was good to watch him move around, catch the ball and be involved with his teammates. As I said, he's done a great job and we're just working our plan."

On if Gordon will play on Thursday against the Atlanta Falcons:

"Probably not. More than likely not. We're just working the process, and this is the next step in the process for him to get out, catch balls, start getting involved and running around a little bit."

On if the Browns have a set formula that considers how much a player will participate in a game based on their practice participation:

"If a guy normally hasn't practiced in our two biggest days, which are Wednesday Thursday, we'll work with a guy – it depends on what the injury is – by Friday, but you need to practice to play. No question about that, but I think we all know there are not a lot of guys on the team once we get to that point. Sometimes, every case is based on what the injury is."

On WR Corey Coleman's status and if he will play against the Falcons:

"We'll see. Today was another opportunity for him to get out there finally and catch balls, run around. We'll see how he feels after today and then we'll determine that as we move forward."

On if the Browns are encouraged to have most of his WR corps back on the field:

"All of them, yeah. It was good. I think our medical staff with (head athletic trainer) Joe Sheehan has done a great job getting these guys back up and running and out there. In order for us to become the team we need to become, I think guys need to practice. That's the only way you're going to get better as a football team. You have to practice, and I think our guys understand that."

On if there is an understanding between the Browns coaches and QB Robert Griffin III to play more reserved and not run and leave the pocket in order to save it for the regular season:

"No, oh no. You have to play the game. If there is an opportunity for him to take off and run, I'm sure he will. A lot of people want to try and make him be a pocket passer to see if he can, and then those opportunities where he is going to run, they will present themselves as they come."

On DL Jamie Meder receiving reps with the first team at RE today and if that was a result of his play on Friday:

"Oh yeah, I think he deserves it. Jamie played extremely well last week. He's very valuable to us. I don't know if it was just because of that. As you guys see, we put a lot of people in a lot of different positions to give them opportunities, and he's very deserving. I will say that." 

On strengths in Meder's game:

"I think he's tough. He's really tough. He's strong. He knocks people back and he pursues the football the way you have to pursue the football."

On if he was familiar with OL Joel Bitonio before he got to Cleveland and what he thinks of Bitonio now:

"I think he's one of the finest guards in football. He played extremely well the other night. I'm very excited about his future and what he potentially could be. He did some really, really good things the other night. I knew about him before I got here but having the opportunity to work with him and see how hard he works and how much passion he has for playing the game and how important it is to him just raised my opinion of him two-fold. He is doing a good job."

On if moving Meder to RE from NT is an effort to make his line bigger, with DL Danny Shelton remaining at NT:

"What, we're trying to get bigger because those are the two big guys (laughter)? No, we're going to play our best players. If a guy has a skill and he can help our football team, whether it's at nose guard or defensive end, then we're going to give him a chance. I don't think it's to get bigger. We're just going to put our best guys out there. If that's the combination that works, then that's who we'll put out there."

On DL Xavier Cooper receiving repetitions as an interior defensive lineman and if he may play there more with Meder receiving snaps on the outside:

"He could. They're going to be all over the place to be honest with you. I don't think anybody's really locked into anything at this point. We're just kind of working through the different combinations, and I think that's what you guys will see on Thursday night. A lot of guys are going to play a lot of different spots and spaces so that we can determine [what's best]. We're still evaluating. We're also trying to do everything we can to play better and get a team victory."

On if he's going to miss having Browns fans at practice:

"I sure will. The fans have been outstanding. I've never experienced anything like this. Every day, all the time, when they can be out here, they're here. They truly support our football team."

On if he's heard the story about how Bitonio chased down Falcons WR/KR Devin Hester when the Browns played at Atlanta in 2014:

"No, I haven't heard that one. That'd be a great story. That's a pretty good story if that is true. Oh, wow. Did he catch him? Lord, have mercy (laughter). Awesome."

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