Hue Jackson press conference - 8/15

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

Opening statement:

"Another good practice. Took them out of the total pads, but our guys, sometimes when we are not in total pads, it is like we are in pads. It was very competitive like normal. We got a lot of good work done. Guys keep working. I am proud of them. Give them a little treat tonight for a little while. They just have to be back at curfew. They understand they have to handle themselves the right way, and I am sure they will."

On giving players the night off and if it is the first time the Browns have done it during training camp:

"Absolutely, there was one other time we met and after we got done with meetings, I let them go a little early, but this is the first time I have given them this little break. They have a little longer break now. I think they deserve it. They have earned it. They have worked hard. They have done everything I have asked so I give them a treat every now and then."

On what time players have to report back tonight:

"11 [p.m.]. Not 11:01 – 11, and I made that very clear."

On if that means there will not be any meetings tonight:

"Yeah, no meetings. No meetings. Give them a break. They need to get away from us for a little while."

On if it is late enough in the week to name a starting QB for Monday's preseason game vs. New York:

"No, it is not late enough yet. Today is Tuesday. I said Wednesday. Dang, not yet. We are getting there, though."

On if QB DeShone Kizer is now second in the QB rotation, given Kizer took reps with the second team today:

"I will tell you tomorrow."

On if he will announce the QB for Monday tomorrow and not Thursday:

"Tomorrow is Wednesday."

On saying earlier this week he would name Monday's QB on Wednesday or Thursday:

"I still get an extra two days, right* (laughter*)? No, tomorrow I think I will have a pretty good feel for where we are and what we are going to do."

On if WR Jordan Payton moved up the depth chart today, given it appeared he was in earlier and more often than previous practices:

"Probably so. Jordan has made some plays. He has made some plays in games, he has improved and he is working hard. We reward guys who work hard and do what we ask and he is one of those guys."

On why signing OL Kevin Zeitler was such a big priority for the Browns this past offseason:

"We feel like he is everything we want in a football player, first and foremost, and then I know what kind person and what kind of man he is. He works extremely hard, and I think he is one of the better right guards in the league so we are fortunate to have him. He has done a great job here. I think he is going to help us this season tremendously. Him, (OLs) JC (Tretter) and Joel (Bitonio) will be a really good trio playing inside in our offense and football team."

On Zeitler's serious personality and dedication and if he has any stories about him:

"I can't tell any stories (laughter). I have too many of those, but he is a very serious young man. His job is really important to him. You don't get a chance to see him out here before we start walkthroughs or practice, the guy probably takes 100 sets in the mirror before he ever leaves the locker room and probably another 150 when he is standing out here before practice. It is really important to him. He wants to be one of the best at what he does. He has a burning desire to do that so I am glad he is a part of our football team."

On if naming a starting QB for Monday's game is a difficult decision and if he will consult Executive Vice President Sashi Brown and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta:

"I always will. I always like to talk to them to get their feedback, but I don't think it is a hard decision. What is best for our football team as we head into the season, we are still just heading into our second preseason game. There are still going to be two more after that to continue to evaluate if we need to, but I think it is important that for this game – I will say it again, just for this game – we are going to head into it hopefully in a way I feel very comfortable with. It could change or things could not change, and we will just kind of go from there."

On DL Caleb Brantley's finger and his status:

"Yeah, it wasn't so much of his finger. It was more of his shoulder. We just wanted to make sure we take a good look at it and put him down. It was very physical yesterday, but I think he will be fine."

On how defensive coordinator Gregg Williams helps him push this team more than last season:

"Oh my gosh, what he is doing on defense is what you need. One man can't do it. Me and him can't do it. It is our whole staff. It is directed from top down. That is the way we go about it. Obviously, myself, him and Coach Tabes (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor) are the leaders of our groups, but at the same time, the assistants have to carry the message as well as the coordinators, and they have. It is an everyday thing. We are pushing and pulling, and the guys are responding. That is what you look for."

On OL Joel Bitonio getting up slowly on a play:

"He is fine. He is fine."

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