Hue Jackson press conference - 8/16

Opening statement:

"Day five. Getting through it. One more. Six days, it is the six day hump. If they can get through it then we will be past the training camp part of it, but they have done a good job. Again, our guys are resilient. They come out, they fight [and] they work. I know they are tired, I know they are hurting, but like I told them, so are 31 other teams, so we have to find a way to keep pushing through and they do. We just have to keep getting better."

On the injury update on OLs Joel Bitonio and Cam Erving:

"Yeah, obviously I am sure you guys have heard that they both have a couple injuries. And so, they are going to be week-to-week. We will see where they are and hopefully, we get them back as soon as we can. I know our medical staff, they do everything they can to get our guys back soon. But I don't think it is anything major that is going to keep them out a ton of time. I just think we have to work through some things to make sure we get those guys both healthy."

On if Bitonio and Erving will be ready to play Week 1 vs. Pittsburgh:

"I hope so. I mean, I hope to have them then. But again, we just never know medically how these things work. But I think we are right in that window where we have an opportunity to have them both back and ready to go and I feel good about that. We will see how that goes."

On if OL John Greco will start at LG for the time being:

"Yes he will."

On if he has picked the QB rotation for Monday night's preseason game against the Giants:

"Yes I have, yes I have. Brock (Osweiler) is going to start. DeShone (Kizer) is going to go second. And Cody (Kessler) will play third and then Kevin (Hogan) will play fourth."

On if the QB rotation for Monday night means anything in terms of the regular season rotation:

"Doesn't mean anything for the regular season. This is this game. Keep going."

On if Osweiler's play time will increase on Monday night:

"I don't know that it will increase. I know he is going to walk out there first. It could decrease. Again, I want to see these young guys play quite a bit."

On if he wants to see Kizer play before the second half on Monday night:

"Yes I do. And that is why I am going to put him out there second."

On OL Joe Thomas saying he believes Osweiler is being groomed to start Week 1:

"I think our players all have opinions. Joe is here every day and sees what is going on. That is good that he feels that way. That means Brock is doing some good things in the locker room and on the field. But at the same time, I think Joe knows that I get to make that decision (laughter). I do talk to our players because I think it is important. Our players know exactly what I am thinking all the time, but we will see how it all unfolds. There is a chance that could happen, and there is a chance that couldn't happen. We are just going to work through it and keep going."

On if Bitonio's injury affects Thomas' status for Monday night:

"Joe Thomas? No, he will not play in this game. No. He will not. I am not going to go back on that."

On if Erving's injury means rookie OL Roderick Johnson will start at LT on Monday:

"Yes it will. Roderick Johnson. We will stick him over there, and let's go. We have been through this before (laughter). Here we go."

On the reasoning behind starting Osweiler, and bringing Kizer in second on Monday:

"I still think right now where we are that Brock deserves the opportunity to walk out there first. I think seeing DeShone, again last week--it was in the second half. I want to see him now in the first half, and see what he can do there. I will give him an opportunity there to showcase his talent and ability, and then we will put Cody in and go from there."

On Osweiler's improvement in training camp, given more work with the first team:

"I think he has done a good job of managing our offense, putting people in the right spots and the right places. Brock is a pro. He has done this. He is not going to get fooled by many things. Obviously, he would be the first to tell you there are some throws he wants to make better, some things he wants to do better and he will work at those things, but I think he deserves to go out there first, and we will go from there."

On if there is a concern regarding Bitonio's injuries the past few seasons:

"Obviously, we want all of our players out here. Trust me, this is not Joel doing this. Things happen, and so hopefully we will get him back. I know we will get him back. I am very comfortable and confident that he will be back and will be back soon – sooner rather than later – and be ready to play. You guys know how he is. He is very competitive. He wants to be out here right now. Again, we will get through this. It is nothing major. We are going to be fine."

On how different players heal, and his expectations for Bitonio and Erving's return:

"Some guys are fast healers. Some guys take a little longer. In my opinion, we will have both of these guys back before the regular season. There is no question in my mind, but I don't want you guys to hold me to that and be like, 'Hey, Hue Jackson, this is what you said.' I have had enough of that for a few days."

On if knows when he would like to name a starting QB for the season:

"I think the major game in the preseason is the third game. I think hopefully we will have it all nailed down about exactly where we are headed and where we are going. I think whoever trots out there (in the third preseason game) has a very good chance of trotting out there against the Steelers."

On TE David Njoku playing on Monday against the Giants in his preseason debut and how he has progressed through training camp:

"No doubt. He is getting there. I think he is getting in better shape, first and foremost. Getting back into football and doing it every day and the grind of it and bumping into each other. I am very excited about watching him on Monday. He needs to go out and make plays. He is a very talented young man, has a lot of ability, but he has to go show us that he can do it in a game."

On OL Joe Thomas working with the scout team:

"Yeah he wants to. He wants to work. I mean Joe is gearing up to play. But I know Joe probably shared this with you, he is going to play next week. He needs to play to get ready for the season so I am sure he is getting himself ready to play. I think that is important. He knows his body and what he needs to do better than I do. But my job is to create the environment for him to do it. So here it is. You want to go with the scout team? Have at it. You can go out there and get it done. That is what he was doing today."

On the speculation of DL Emmanuel Ogbah having a 'quiet' training camp:

"I think it is because you guys are watching (DL) Myles (Garrett) all the time. (Laughter). No, he has done well. I mean, he has done extremely well. We are very happy with his development and where he is headed. I think having the other players –(DL) Danny Shelton, (DL) Myles Garrett, (DL) Desmond Bryant and (DL Trevon) Coley and the other guys up front. It is only going to make Emmanuel even better because I think some things are going to naturally get pushed to him because of Myles and the other guys. I think he is going to make those plays. I think he is doing well."

On if OL Cam Erving's injury will set him back on the depth chart or if he has shown enough:

"He has shown some good things. He has shown some inconsistency, too. He needs to continue to get better. I think he is growing. I think he was right on the cusp of really making that next jump –the more you play out there. So it is unfortunate this happened. But at the same time, I think Cam is talented and we just have to keep getting him better."

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