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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/2


Opening statement:**

"It was good again to get back out on the grass with our players in pads. I think the guys are working extremely hard. I think we are growing across our football team. It's good to see the offense do some things. It's good to see the defense fight back. We're just trying to still put it all together, but I think we're a team that's growing and getting better each and every day. I don't like the turnovers. We had a couple costly ones in some drills. It's good that the defense is getting them. The offense, we have to protect the ball a little better. Overall, I think we're making progress. We still have a ways to g. You will probably hear me say this every day: we're just going to keep our heads down and keep grinding through. Every night, the guys come in and watch the tape. They've done a good job. Now, obviously tonight, they'll have an opportunity to be off. That's mandated by the league – so many days off they get – so we'll have a great meeting with them tonight and then we'll send them on their way. We will advise them to make sure they take care of themselves because they're all important to our football team to make it back and be ready to go when we start back up on Thursday."

On if he likes how Browns players are responding to the amount of hitting in practice:

"I do. I do. I said this would be a physical camp and it has been. I think our guys are getting better and getting the hang of it. There will be a time at some point where I think we've had enough of that, but I need to find out about our team and I'm finding out. I'm finding out some good things, and I'm finding out some things we need to improve. That's just part of it right now."

On if doing live periods early in practice may increase the intensity for the rest of the session:

"I think it does. Obviously, I noticed we were a little dull so I wanted to get our football team going. That's one way to do it. Just go play football. I think the guys appreciated it because the energy in practice started to change a little bit. When the offense is moving like that, that's what I anticipate and what I expect, but I also expect our defense to slow us down, to get things stopped and make some plays. That's just competition. We're competing amongst each other. Like I told both sides of the ball, we don't play each other. There are some other teams we play so we need to be smart as we compete. At the same time, we have to run into each other a little bit to continue to get better."

On OL Cam Erving's status after leaving the goal line drill:

"He'll be fine. I think he just got, I'll call it a ding. I don't think anything serious, but obviously, we'll check it out and see where he is. I think he'll be fine. He's really important to what we've been doing on offense."

On Erving's performance during training camp:

"He's been doing outstanding. I've been very, very impressed with Cam. We have a group up front led by (OL) Joe (Thomas) that's starting to really grow and start to have an identity of what it takes to play in the National Football League. I think we'll keep growing and keep pushing. They'll follow the lead of Joe and (OL) Joel Bitonio and Cam. We have a chance to be a good offensive line."

On WR Andrew Hawkins having a wrap on his leg:

"Yeah, these hamstrings this time of year. It's unfortunate, but I think he'll be OK. I don't know how bad it is, but it is a hamstring. We'll handle that accordingly and get him back out there as soon as we can."

On if the Browns offense predominantly features shotgun formations or if formations and having the QB under center are more dependent on personnel:

"It depends on personnel. We do a little bit of both. I think we do what we feel we need to do to win, whether it's playing in shotgun or playing under center. We'll do anything and everything if it can matriculate the ball down the field." 

On if the NFL's current style of play mandates that teams frequently use shotgun formations:

"No, I know everybody thinks it's growing that way just because of the pass, but at the same time, the real good football teams can still line up, put the quarterback under center and turn around and hand it off or drop back and throw it. We hope to be able to do a lot of different things as we continue to move forward. We're taking steps every day and really learning how to do what we think we need to be doing to win football games."

On if he sat down and talked offensive philosophy with former Baylor Head Coach Art Briles or if he's already drawn out all of his plans:

"Hey, I'll learn from anybody if they can help us, but no. Obviously, he has some players on our football team that's here. I think he's making his rounds to see his guys. I know he was in Cincinnati yesterday… Oh my gosh, OK, I had to say that (laughter). I know that for sure. Obviously, he's a very accomplished college coach and has done outstanding. I wish him well. He's done just outstanding at Baylor, but at the same time, I think he was here to see his guys and get an opportunity to see us, our organization and what we do, but more so see his football players."

On what he would like to see the Browns improve when they return Thursday:

"Can't turn the ball over ever, can't put the ball on the ground and the defense has got to get more. We have to take the ball away from the offense, and it's just that simple. Those are the two major things in the National Football League if you can do those, you stand a good chance of winning. I know on offense we have to always protect our quarterback. Our quarterback does not get hit. We know at some point in time he will, but at the same time, I really expect our offense to take pride in protecting our quarterback. I would expect our defense to take pride in going to hit the quarterback. Those are the things we have to continue to grow at and continue to get better at. Then as a staff, just keep putting players in position to succeed, find out what they do really well and start playing to that as we go and really evaluate our team for what we really are – not what we hope they are but what they really are and keep getting better."

On the Browns first team offense and defense playing against the second teams in the first live period of practice rather than matching up the ones:

"I think it's a chance… You have a lot of really good players in one setting so if something happens I don't want to wipe off half the team (laughter). I've tried to play the percentages the best I can but also trying to get our team better so that's a good question (laughter). I just think that's the way I want to do it right now. We did do some live ones versus ones in a third down situation, but I try to stray as far away from that a lot because my goal is and my job is to make sure I'm protecting our team on both sides of the ball, not just offense, and not just defense and not just special teams but this whole team. That's my goal."

On if OL Alvin Bailey has the right tackle job secured:

"No. No, he doesn't."

On if OL Shon Coleman or another player is pressuring Bailey for the starting position:

"I don't know, I couldn't tell you. Somebody is going to press everybody. We're going to play the best guys. A lot of people don't have anything locked up. I'm finding we're mixing and matching and watching evaluating as we go. We all need to continue to get better. We're in this thing to win. Period."

On QB Robert Griffin III's intangibles and what he expects from Browns QBs:

"You have to lead. I said a long time ago that position has got to wear a lot of different hats. It's not just throwing the ball straight. Obviously, that's a really important quality a guy as to have, but he also has to be able to uplift his teammates and have his teammates come follow him. He's improved by leaps and bounds. I think you guys can see it. He's growing. A lot of our guys are growing at a lot of different positions, not just him, but I think he's getting better. A lot of him getting better has to do with (QB) Josh McCown. Josh McCown has really done a great job of spending time with him and mentoring him, helping him to understand to try to make the biggest jump that he can. Our quarterback room is a special place right now. I like all of our guys in there. They're working extremely hard. I hope they continue to get better."

On if mentoring younger QBs goes a long way to helping McCown make the team:

"In my honest opinion, that has nothing to do with him remaining on the team. That'll be an organizational decision about all of our quarterbacks. At the same time, Josh McCown is very important to me. Just because here's a guy with a lot of skins on the wall. He's done a lot of great things in this league and understands it. I think we know how all of this goes. This is not just about who you like. It's about what's best for our organization. He's done a tremendous job and what a good football player. I'm really grateful to have him here and be around him. I think all of the quarterbacks are, too, because he's been outstanding."

On the Browns 'losing a lot' and if a QB can be a leader when a team doesn't win:

"I don't know about that. I wasn't here. I don't know about last year. I was not here."

On previously being part of organizations that did not win frequently:

"Yeah, I have, but it's been a long time so I can't recall. I don't want to recall. I'm not interested in a losing mentality or any of that. I'm interested in what we build right now. We're trying to win. We've erased that tape a long time ago. All of our players from the quarterbacks to the coaches everybody in this organization, we've got one goal in mind. Whatever it takes to win, that's what we're going to do. Everybody in this league is 0-0. We're going to keep pushing that way."

On WR Corey Coleman and DB Justin Gilbert exchanging words during a one-on-one period and if that was due to competitiveness or frustration:

"It's competitiveness, you know. Again, one guy is trying to score, the other guy is trying to stop him from scoring so they kind of go after it. Again, I want it to all happen within the rules of the game. It did. It could always escalate, I'm being very honest with you. I never want to have anything escalate because we can't tolerate that because that can't happen on the field. That's where the penalty flag comes out. Our guys have to learn to keep their poise and control their emotions. Things get hot sometimes. That's just part of it, but you got to do it the right way because we don't want it to cost our football team."

On how TE Connor Hamlett has performed with his opportunities:

"He's done great. That guy is tall (laughter). He's got long arms. You can kind of throw it up there and he goes and gets it. He's done a great job. I've been really pleased with him. One thing about him, the guy is really accountable. He's always here. He's always out here competing. I'm very, very impressed with the things he has done."

On if he has decided who the starting QB is yet, considering he hasn't been asked recently:

"Can I go in now (laughter)? No, I haven't, but we're getting close. I know you guys want to know. You guys will be the first to know, I promise you that."

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