Hue Jackson press conference - 8/28

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On if there was a need to build QB DeShone Kizer's confidence throughout the QB competition because of his experience at Notre Dame:

"No, I did not. Whatever happened there happened there. It was going to be what our relationship – how we built it from the first day forward. I am pretty much a straight shooter and I would think most players like it that way. They like to know when they are doing well and they like to know when they are not doing, as well, and what they can do to be better. That is the way I try to build it, not with just him but with everybody and I think if you do that with players you normally get the best out of them because they know you are coming from a place that is honest. They might not want to hear it sometimes, but at least they know you are being honest with them."

On if Kizer has shown that he can handle tough coaching:

"Absolutely. That is our culture here, though with our football team. On offense, defense and special teams, we tell all of our players. That is my instruction to our coaches. Let's be honest with our players. Let's tell them what they need to do better. Let's tell them what they are not doing and what they are doing well. There are times to praise them, too, but I think if you be honest with players, you will get the best out of them."

On saying the Browns will 'ride it out' with Kizer as the starter but also saying 'he has to earn it week-in and week-out' in yesterday's conference call:

"[He has to earn it] With his teammates, but I am going to ride this out with DeShone – the good, the bad, the whatever comes, but earning it with your teammates is putting in the time every day, doing what you need to do as a quarterback in this building. Come early, stay late, the hardest worker in the building. That is what our quarterbacks have to be because your teammates are watching that, and that is earning it each and every day."

On if he is prepared to stick with Kizer no matter his win-loss record, given recent Browns history and the team's record last year:

"Absolutely. I am just not swimming in that lake (laughter). That is all, but no, we are going to make this happen. We are going to work through this because I think he is talented. I think this guy has the right stuff and I think if I am worth my salt as a coach, I will get it out of him, and if I think if he is willing to do the work he will rise to the occasion and I think he will."

On if there was a discernable difference in Kizer at practice today:

"No. No, I don't think he is like that. I think he is an everyday guy. Come into work, do what you are supposed to do, do a little more, ask the right questions and go through practice. I thought he had a good practice. Some things to clean up like normal, but it was good."

On how nervous of a time the fourth preseason game is for coaches:

"Oh, very. Until it is over, it is over, but when it is over, you are right to the regular season and you hold your breath because it all depends on how you play your players and how you get them to and from the game. It is another opportunity for us to learn how to go on the road. That is something we are going to have to do this year and learn how to prepare and stay focused. That is good training for our football team because it is a young team so we try to make a huge point about that as we go."

On if most NFL coaches would like to use the next two weeks simply for practice and no games:

"Oh, we wish we could. Yes. There is no question we wish we could, but we get it. This is a game that is scheduled. We have to play it. We are going to show up and play, and our players understand that. That is the mentality that I want our team to have. It doesn't matter the opponent, it is our preparation, how we go about that during the week and then when they say play, we play."

On if he has decided who will play Thursday and how much:

"I have not just yet. I think what is important is that we practice. Like I told our team, let's practice well. That is something we have done here over the last several weeks. We are learning how to practice well as we get into preparation for everything that we are trying to accomplish on game day. I will let you guys know, and I will let our team know at some point in time. I am sure all of the players want to know, but mum is the word. I told them we are going to practice. That is what we have to do to continue to get better."

On if QB Brock Osweiler is the backup QB, given what is listed on the team's unofficial depth chart in the weekly release:

"I have not decided that yet."

On the importance of the chemistry between Kizer and WR Corey Coleman:

"Oh, that is huge. You have a guy that you feel can win and make plays on third down. That is what you have to do in this league. That is the money down. Everybody understands that. Normally, you have to throw the football, you do and you have to have somebody that is going to make a play and catch it. Corey made some plays the other day, but it is just like the rest of our football team. On offense, we have to continue to get better. Keep pushing."

On if he is still deciding how many QBs the team will keep and who the backup will be:

"I think all of that is on the table until we make a decision about our football team. I think all of those guys have earned the right to compete for that job. (QBs) Brock, Cody (Kessler) and Kevin (Hogan). Watching Kevin the other night, he did some really good things and we know who Cody is. He has played here a year ago, and we are learning more and have learned more about Brock. It is only fair that those guys all have the opportunity to compete for that job."

On the limited production of WRs, and if that factors into evaluating Kizer's development:

"Whoever is out here, one, we have to coach them and our quarterbacks have to throw it to them. Whoever is here, we are going to continue to work with them, keep getting better and get the rhythm and timing of our passing game better. That is just what we have to do."

On DL Larry Ogunjobi's performance with the first team defense on Saturday:

"He is another young player that is just in that process of learning how to play in the National Football League. He is talented, he is getting better each and every day and he is chomping at the bit to be out there – that much I do know about him. He is always out to practice early. He stays late. He will do anything and everything you ask of him, and guys like that we reward. Those guys have an opportunity to go in there and showcase their talent and ability. He is no different than anybody else."

On injury updates on how DL Danny Shelton and OL Joel Bitonio and Cameron Erving are progressing:

"I think really good, but you are going to have to ask somebody. Every time I say that, something falls off the wagon. No, I think those guys are on schedule. I feel good about those guys. We will see, but that is the hope."

On if the hope is that Shelton will be ready for Week 1:

"I hope they all are. That is my hope."

On rumors the Browns are trying to trade QB Brock Osweiler:

"Honestly, I haven't heard any of those rumors. I don't have time to look at papers or follow rumors, and no one has brought that to me. I don't know anything about that."

On how many preseason games are necessary to prepare for the regular season:

"If I say something, then I am probably going to offend a lot of other people. I better leave that question alone. (Vice President, Communications) Peter (John-Baptiste), you have taught me well. Moving on."

On TEs Seth DeValve, David Njoku and Randall Telfer playing late into preseason games, and if he is trying to get one of them to step up:

"No, I'm asking our young players to get better. Guys need to play. We are a really young football team. I think you guys all know that. Just because they are out there doesn't mean that someone is mad at them or they have done something wrong. Some guys just need more seasoning. They need to play as much football as they can to get better and to get ready for the regular season because some of these guys will be playing a lot of football. That is all that is."

On his comfort level with the TE group:

"I am going to keep saying that we will coach the guys that are here and get them to play. That is our job as coaches. We will find a way to get them to play."

On the notion that there is some trepidation in naming a rookie the starting QB:

"Why? No, I have been down this road before. I didn't make a decision to make him the quarterback because I had fear in it or I didn't know how it was going to unfold. I have a vision for it. It might not go that way. If it does, great. If it doesn't, we will keep working through it. I probably felt better about this one and making this decision than some in the past because I think the guy can do it. I really do. Will it be hard? Yeah, it is going to be hard. It is going to take a lot of work on his part, my part, our staff's part, the rest of the team because everybody is involved in this. It is not just me and him. Everybody has to do their part in order for this young man to have success. I think we all get it. I think his teammates get it. I think he gets it. I think the coaching staff does. Wave to make this right."

On if the schedule played a factor in his decision on naming a starting QB:

"I knew who that was when the schedule came out (laughter). I know it is Pittsburgh and Baltimore, two of the best in our division. Cincinnati is the fourth one, and the Colts are the third one. I knew who it was, but that can't weigh in on your decision. At the end of the day, you have to play who you feel is best."

On if it is too soon to say it is the start of a new era for the Browns:

"I'll let you guys say all of that (laughter). My goal, is whoever is playing quarterback for us, let's get him to play as well as he can play and give our team the best chance to win. That is the quarterback's job, goal and his role, but like I said, I think we all get it in this building. It is a team deal. It is not just him. He is a big part of it – don't get me wrong – but our defense has to play well, special teams has to play well and the offense has to play well. It is a football team issue when you are talking about the quarterback, and I don't think people understand that. That is what went into my decision, as well, and that is our goal – win as a team."

On if he talked to veteran Browns players before announcing a starting QB:

"Oh yeah, there are guys that I talked to. I think everybody knows I talk to (OL) Joe (Thomas). I do because I think it is important that our players know and understand. I let them voice their opinion. They all know that doesn't mean I'm going to take their opinion, but I do listen because I think that is the way you should be. This is their football team at the end of the day. They are in the locker room together, they are on the practice field, and the blood, sweat and tears are between them. I do talk to several guys on the team and get a feel from them, but they support me 100 percent and I support their opinions."

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