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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/4

Opening statement:

"Today was a very business-like practice for us. The players were off [yesterday]. It's the first time that we've been in that situation. We went five days, and then all of a sudden, they had a day off. They came back and they came to work. Not that they didn't but you would like to keep the same momentum that you had for those five days. I think there's a little lull, but our guys were able to pick it up again and finish the practice pretty strong. There is not going to always be the enthusiasm and passion that you like to have all the time, but as long as we work, as long as we keep stacking good days, then good things can happen for our football team."

On trade rumors regarding QB Josh McCown and the Dallas Cowboys:

"I have no thoughts, whatsoever. You said it, it's rumor. There is nothing to it as far as we're concerned. I've heard about it, obviously I have, but I feel good that he's here. He's a Cleveland Brown and I know nothing else about the other part of it."

On what it means to him that McCown stated he wants to be here:

"I hope we've created an environment for all of our players to really want to be here, whether it's in the quarterback room, running back, tight end, defensive backs, anywhere. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for any football player. With our ownership with Dee and Jimmy (Haslam) and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown), the rest of our executive group and myself, I would hope that this is somewhere where a lot of players want to be and want to stay."

On McCown saying the Browns are keeping him informed about the situation and if it is important for the team to be open with such a veteran player:

"I think there's a certain amount of respect for every player on our football team. Obviously, he's played a long time. I would hope that we do that with every player. Obviously, he does have a lot of years in the league, but I think our organization is just that way. We're very forthcoming. At the end, we're always going to do what's best for us, but in respect to the player."

On if his input would be considered if the Browns made a trade:

"I would hope so (laughter). I would hope so. I would think I would know exactly what's going on. I feel very good about where we are and what we're doing, and right now, there's nothing to report or talk about." 

On why the Browns played OL Spencer Drango at RT with the first team in place of OL Alvin Bailey:

"I'm going to continue to make moves as we go. I'm going to put the best five guys out there and continue to mix and match and see how can we become better. If somebody can do something better for our football team and they're deserving, then that's what we'll do. Nothing is kind of etched in stone. We're just going to keep working at this each and every day to get better to have the best football team that we can."

On in Drango has an edge over OL Shon Coleman because Coleman missed time during the offseason training programs:

"I don't know if it's an edge over him. I think what it is, like you said, is he's done more football. He probably understands the system a little bit better. I think Shon is working his tail off, but he's getting his legs back underneath him and finding out all the different things that we do on offense so he's a little behind, but I think he's working extremely hard to catch up."

On the format for tomorrow night's scrimmage:

"We'll do some special teams work first to make sure that those things are taken care of. Then we'll probably have some individual, things that we'll do within our team. Then we'll get to the scrimmage a little bit."

On the length of the scrimmage:

"Oh, I don't know. It's all by feel. It's not by plays, not by anything. It's all by how I see our football team competing and what we're doing."

On Chad Johnson possibly returning to training camp:

"I think you guys know Chad. Chad is like my son, as you guys all know. Probably, I didn't do a good enough job of explaining why he was here. He came as a guest. Chad was not in the minority coaching program. He came as a guest. I hope we all understand he was just going to be here for a period of time. He was never hired. I've heard people say he was hired and all that. He was never hired. He's somebody who I know very well who I trust. I have a lot of respect for and he has knowledge. He was able to pass a little bit of that along to our players, but he also has some responsibilities, too. He has some kids. His daughter is a tremendous track athlete. He's always there to cheer her on, and Chad is always the person that's always able to be around me because I know him. At the same time, he was here to see what we did and if he could help our young guys just for a few days. I knew he would be out. I think he's learning about pro football and what it is and the toll it takes on just yourself as person and families and all that. It was good for him to experience while the time he was here."

On if tomorrow's scrimmage will place the Browns first team offense and defense competing against one another:

"I can't tell you that. You have to figure that one out tomorrow."

On OL Cameron Erving's status:

"He'll be fine."

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