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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/8


On DB Joe Haden returning to practice:**

"Yes, excited to see him back."

On when Haden may return to team drills in practice:

"We have a plan in place, and we're just going to take our time. It's just great to have him back out there in a uniform and bouncing around. I'm excited about him being out there. He's one of our better defensive players and one the better players in the league. To get him back gives our whole defense a jolt. We're going to take our time and make sure he is totally right. Obviously, he has had nothing as far as being with the team and practicing that way. We'll ease him back into it. We have a plan and we'll get him back there as soon as we can."

On how he feels about his decision to name QB Robert Griffin III the Browns starting QB:

"I feel good or else I wouldn't have made it (laughter). No, I feel really good about that. Obviously, at some point in time like I told you, we'll make a decision and move on. I think it's important for our team, for the organization, our fans, everybody. I think you make a decision, you stick by it. It's what I believe needed to happen. It's what our staff believed needed to happen. We're looking forward to him doing a great job here this year."

On the high expectations he has for the QB position and what Griffin did to earn his trust and worthiness of being the starting QB:

"He played the way I think a quarterback has to play. I think he did it, flawlessly. I think he did everything I asked him to do. I know sometimes you guys judge it maybe a little differently than I do. I get that, but I think he did a great job. He has continued to do a great job, but again, he has got to continue to get better, too. By no stretch is this an excel moment. He has got to buckle down and still keep improving each and every day. That's what the expectation is for that position."

On how much Griffin will play on Friday at Green Bay:

"I haven't really thought about it yet. I think I'm going to wait until we get closer to the end of the week and then we'll make a decision again with the rest of the staff and the rest of the group. We stick them all out there at some point because I think they all need to play. We need to get ready for a game and know what it's like to go play in a game against another opponent and understand that they're not going to be nice to us, that's for sure. We're looking forward to it."

On the RT position being unsettled:

"It's unsettled until I say it's settled. I don't mean that in a bad way. We're just going to keep finding combinations. I'm going to keep moving people around until I find the five best guys to put out there. It's no mark on anybody. I just want to see different combinations and see what's going to be the best thing for us as we move forward."

On if 'make a decision and stick by it' means the team won't be reevaluating the starting QB as the team goes along:

"Unless there is a reason to. I don't see any reason to right now. When I make a choice, I make a choice and I stand behind it. My job is to create the right environment for him to be the best he can be, along with the rest of our coaches. That's what we're committed to. Now, he has to do the work, but we've made a commitment to him and he has to go make it right."

On what goes into creating the correct environment for a player to develop:

"It's all about the quarterback. Our football team is driven by the quarterback so everything we do on offense is about the quarterbacks. It's not about the running backs. It's not about the line. It's about the quarterback. How do we make him successful? We all know if the quarterback plays well, then the team normally plays very well. My job, (associate head coach – offense) Pep's (Hamilton) job, the rest of our staff's job is to make the quarterback as comfortable as we can and have him play the best that he can play."

On how Griffin reacted when learned he would be named the Browns starting QB:

"I think he took it in stride. I think Robert knows that just by being named the starting quarterback – maybe it was a personal accomplishment – but at the same time, he knows there is a lot of work to do. All he said to me was, 'Coach, thanks. I still have got work to do.' I think he gets it. It's not a big moment to celebrate. It's a moment to all of the sudden really buckle down and understand the demands of playing the position and what comes with it and what he needs to get done over the next course of several weeks to give our team the best chance to win."

On if he is starting to get excited about the possibilities of what Griffin could become:

"Tickled pink (laughter). I am. I really am. I've seen these things every day. I know what he's capable of doing. I think I know what our offense is capable of doing. We just have to do it consistently every day. That's going to be the knack of a really good football team. Are we able to make plays week in, week out? That's what I keep telling our players – we have to do it consistently every day, regardless of what the weather is or regardless of how you feel, regardless of what the circumstances are. That just has to be who we become."

On when WR Josh Gordon will return to practice:

"Hopefully soon. We're working through our process with him. I think he's getting closer each and every day. I'm looking forward to getting him out here on the field with the rest of the guys."

On if Gordon needs to lose weight:

"He'll be the first to tell you that. He does. We're working through that process, too. He's done a great job, off of the field, obviously. Even when he's out here, I think you can see he is into practice. The guy carries a script with him everywhere he goes. He's making sure that he's staying in it the best he can. When he walks back out there, I think he has something to prove too. It's good to have a guy with a chip on his shoulder."

On how much time Browns players will play at Green Bay, particularly those who are injured now:

"I hope we all can be healthy and ready to go. I'll obviously talk with our trainers, who I think are very good at what they do. They'll give me a recommendation and I'll follow that. We need to be a healthy team, as healthy as we can be, as well."

On if hamstring injuries are unavoidable:

"They are totally unavoidable. I think we've done a good job because I don't think guys are staying out a long time. I don't see (WR) Corey's (Coleman) being something that's going to keep him out for a long period of time. Obviously, Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins) has had a history of hamstrings a little bit. We need to do that better, figure out a way to where that doesn't get him. I remember the play when it happened. It happened with him putting his foot into the ground. Sometimes those things happen. It's unfortunate. I think our guys have done a great job. The amount of running that these men do, and what I ask them to do is quite a bit. The guys have done a good job thus far, but we do have to guard against the soft tissue injuries."

On if DL John Hughes III is close to returning to practice:

"It's still a personal matter. I think at some point in time we'll have an opportunity to talk about it, but it's just a personal matter right now."

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