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Hue Jackson press conference - 8/8

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On how WR Ricardo Louis practiced today:

"He is making plays. Ball was in the air, and he has to go dominate the ball. He made some plays today."

On if some players who did not practice today will play in Thursday's preseason game:

"Oh, absolutely. This was a rotation, and I probably could have did a little bit better job of making sure some of them were out there today because there is going to be a little down time tomorrow. Practice will definitely not be as physical tomorrow as it was today, but those guys will be out there playing. No question."

On if the Browns know how many plays the first team offense will play Thursday:

"I really don't. I am going to think about it today. I am going to get with the staff and think about where we are. I know I want us to play a little bit, though, I do know that. Just watching practice and watching the chemistry and things that I think need to start to gel as an offense, defense and special teams, I would like to see our groups play for a little while."

On eagerness to see the rookies play Thursday and the 'unknown' of how or if they will 'show up':

"It is going to be exciting to see them. We all look forward to seeing them compete on Thursday night, but at the same time, we saw them a little bit last week. We have an idea of what they could look like, and hopefully, they will take it to another level on Thursday night."

On excitement to see DL Myles Garrett finally be able to hit a QB:

"Absolutely, I am (laughter). He is hitting our quarterbacks, that is for sure. He is doing a good job. He is a good player, but he still has some things to fine tune and some things to work at, and he is doing it each and every day.

On encouraging young players to study the play of Browns Pro Football Hall of Famers like RB Jim Brown and TE Ozzie Newsome:

"No question. Jim Brown is around a lot. I think that is motivation within itself. Everyone knows where Ozzie is and what Ozzie has done here. There have been some great players who have played here that have paved the way for these young men. It is always good for these guys to go back and know some of the guys who graced this field and what they meant to the National Football League. We do encourage it, and I'm excited that our guys do that."

On if he is happy to put any off-field issues regarding WR Corey Coleman in the past following the latest legal update that prosecutors would not press charges:

"Very much so, and I'm glad that ruling came about. We needed to move beyond that and getting to play football, which he has been. Hopefully, there were some lessons learned in that situation."

On Coleman's performance in camp:

"He is starting to show up. He kind of started off slow. We eased him back into it to make sure that we could get him through a lot of these practices. I think we are starting to see him get in better shape, play more and make more plays. Hopefully, Thursday night he will go out and play football."

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