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Hue Jackson press conference - 9/15

On the Browns focusing on the running game, even though the running game has been devalued across the NFL in past years:

"Obviously, they are a huge part of what we like to do. There is not a substitute for a good runner. If you have a guy who can wear the defense down a little bit and a guy who knows how to carry the ball, be physical and make those tough yards, there is no substitute for those guys. You have to have them. We have not kind of turned our guy (RB Isaiah Crowell) loose yet, but he has some special ability that way. We are going to find out here pretty soon."

On the Browns running game against the Eagles:

"It wasn't as good as I liked. I thought the yards we made were at the end of the game when they were playing really soft. I didn't put any stock into what we did as far as running the ball there last week. We just have to keep working at it and keep getting better."

On if there was a repeated issue that challenged the Browns running game last week:

"No, it was not as issue. It is like anything. You run the ball on first down and you don't make but a yard or two and you run it again and you are still not making yards, it is always easy for the head coach to start throwing the ball. Our guys understand that in order to be a good running team there is some of that, but at the same time, you can feel it on the field when your guys are starting to take over a game or push people and those type of things. We just have to do that better and we will."

On if the Browns will run a similar gameplan with QB Josh McCown as QB Robert Griffin III:

"Yes, there is no question. There is nothing that we are changing because Josh is playing quarterback. I will tailor the things we do to his strengths, but we are not changing our offense because he is playing quarterback."

On what McCown does better than Griffin III:

"I don't think it is good to compare what he does better than RGIII. I just think Josh has a unique skillset, and he can throw the ball with anybody. He is more athletic than I think a lot people give him credit or say he is. He is very athletic. He is a leader. He knows how to play. It is not about comparing him and RG. I just think his skillset fits our offense. He will be able to help our offense play good."

On DL Danny Shelton's performance in Philadelphia:

"I thought there were some things he did really well. At times, he got some knock back on the offensive line. That was a huge improvement. We just need him to do it consistently and do it every game. I think he is trending in that direction. We are looking to forward to watching him play this weekend."

On defensive coordinator Ray Horton's comments about Shelton working on his technique and seeing progress:

"Oh yeah because he is starting to be dominant up front. We know he is a big guy. At the same time, you have to use your athletic ability and use your hands and your legs to push people. He is starting to do that. He is starting to really come on."

On DL Carl Nassib's tenacity and if that can be expected every week:

"Oh yeah, that is what he is. He has been that way since I met him. He is a full-speed football player. He likes playing the game. That is the one thing about being a pro football player – the consistency of doing things the same way all the time – Carl is that kind of guy. He is – obviously, as I said yesterday – a starter on our football team. I'm glad we have him."

On players celebrating after recording sacks:

"I wish I could have seen it. We need to get more dances then. We are not getting enough sacks so I can catch this. No, it doesn't. I think within the rules of the game, as long as guys are doing that part right, that does not bother me. I want our guys to have a little swagger to them. I do because you have to play that way all the time. I don't want to be very cheapish about it, but at the same time, I want our guys to play with a little edge to them. If that is what makes us play good, more power to them. As long as the dances don't turn into something I've never seen before, we will be OK."

On if he is OK with players celebrating as long as it does not result in a penalty:

"Absolutely. No doubt."

On OL Austin Pasztor's production and preparing for Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs:

"He has done well. Suggs is on both sides. He is over there on Joe's side, too. We know Terrell Suggs. He is a tremendous football player. It is not that you work at it. Hopefully, we have studied enough tape and understand the guy we are playing. I'm sure Austin has. Austin did a good job last week. He had some very performable rush guys last week. As I said before, every week we are going to play good rushers. He just has to stay to his fundamentals, understand where his help is and understand what they are trying to do on defense, and we will be OK."

On TE Gary Barnidge's performance being uncharacteristic in Philadelphia:

"Yeah, no doubt. It happens. That is behind him now. He is looking forward to playing this week." 

On if the Browns dedicated any special time this week to OL Cam Erving's snaps:

"There is always special times to snaps. I did not just truly offer all of my expertise yet, but I think there is improvement. Again, you are not going to know until the game. I don't seeing it rearing its ugly head here at practice. That is what is unfortunate. Cam has done a good job other than that. That cannot happen. I will be the first to tell you that can't happen. That is something that we have to get solved. In the game, the ball cannot go over our quarterback's head. At the same time, I have watched our guys really put an emphasis and a focus on it. Hopefully, we will get that behind us."

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